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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    I tried calling my closest store...they said it hadn't come in and to try calling again in the morning. Tried another store and they said the same thing. Hopefully the approaching storm has nothing to do with the delay...some rumors on FB group that it's coming out Thursday or Friday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDumbWookiee View Post
    Making rounds on Facebook, along with the story that they're both Walgreens exclusives *shudder*

    So the story behind this pic is that the guy who tweeted it says it's from Walgreens, and he has no idea that they out. I call BS on this story. I don't know where he got them, but they sure weren't sitting on the shelves @ Walgreens.

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    Saw is in-stock on WM website, free ship to store...

    NONE of the local Hot Topics here on Long Island have received any stock for Ahsoka dammit! It is doubtful they will have her available tomorrow. I hope she is available on their site.

    Grievous is a MUST have for me, along with masked Sabine. I wonder if they will hit as a wave with young Anakin and another yet to be revealed Pop.

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    Well if/when we find out about what's coming out for NYCC this weekend at retail, could anybody grab me one of each of whatever Star Wars pops come out? Hurricane Matthew is on a nice little course to skirt/slam into us here in Jacksonville.
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    I was worried how Grievous would turn out, but Funko did an amazing job on him. He looks much better than I expected. I normally would want him, but the fact that he's a Walgreens exclusive makes finding him pretty much impossible. I have no interest in young Anakin.

    The Indy ride will be available on the Disney Parks website (and probably app) this Friday, the 7th. It will not be in the parks.

    I'm also hearing that Bistan will only be available online as well, along with the rest of the NYCC exclusives shared with FYE.
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    I think this was already answered, but I can't find it. Does Toywars charge at time of order or time of shipping?

    edit - nevermind, found it.
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    Ahsoka Funko POP! up on Hot Topic's site!
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