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Thread: Is Anyone else getting worried?

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    Is Anyone else getting worried?

    I have booked up for CE and am really looking forward to going.

    My only worry is the lack of news on what will be happening at the event. i.e guests shows etc.

    I know it is still 5 months away but should we have heard more info by now? Surely these things need to be organised well in advance?

    This is my first Celebration visit so am unsure as how quickly info trickles through!


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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    there isnt much info for C4 and its 2 months prior to CE. I have never been to a show outside of the states, CE will be my first. but using C2 and C3 as a timeline, we are still a few weeks off from any announcements. I wish we had the info as well, but i think we are still a little far off before they start to roll in

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    I say patience
    May the force be with you...always..

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font>
    Is Anyone else getting worried?


    Not me.
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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    If there's NOTHING anounced by mid April then i would be getting worried

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    The Official Site posted this, this morning.

    Fan Club Perks at Celebration Europe
    February 22, 2007

    Scheduled for July 13-15, 2007, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, Celebration Europe will bring days of fun, events, entertainment, and exhibits to London's ExCeL Exhibition Centre.
    Fan Club members who purchase a three-day, full ticket will have full exclusive access to the event from 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM every morning before the rest of the general public is admitted to the show, at no extra cost.

    During this Fan Club Exclusive Early Bird Hour members will enjoy:

    Members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, and members of other official Star Wars Fan Clubs worldwide, will enjoy their very own exclusive benefits at Star Wars Celebration Europe this July.

    First Access to the Celebration Europe Store
    The Celebration Europe Store will feature a great selection of cool merchandise created just for Celebration Europe, including a yet-to-be-revealed exclusive action figure.

    First Access to Celebration Europe Exhibit Halls
    Fan Club members will get to have the first look at what's new in Star Wars collectibles, toys, and merchandise from licensees and dealers in the Exhibit Halls.

    First Access to Autograph Celebrities
    Fan club members will be able to get first access to the host of stars from all six movies scheduled for the Celebration Europe autograph hall, the largest gathering of Star Wars celebrities Europe has ever seen.

    First Access to Celebration Europe Art Show
    Star Wars artists will offer spectacular, original lithographs created for Celebration Europe and Fan Club members will get the first chance to view and purchase these works.

    First Viewing of the Star Wars Celebration Europe Archive Exhibit
    Lucasfilm will produce an exhibit of props and costumes from the movie archives especially for Celebration Europe that will look back on 30 years of Star Wars magic. Members of the Fan Club will have exclusive access to this prestigious exhibit each morning.

    Join the Fan Club Now and Register for Celebration Europe!
    To enjoy the Members-Only benefits at Celebration Europe first join the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Then, register for a 3-day pass for Star Wars Celebration Europe. Only Fan Club members with 3-day tickets will qualify for the benefits. Benefits apply to:

    Hyperspace -- The Official Star Wars Fan Club, USA, Canada & International

    Star Wars: The Official UK Fan Club

    Membres de Fan Club Officiel Franšais, Belgique, Suisse, Luxembourg et Canada.

    Die Mitglieder des OSWFC Deutschland, Oesterreich, Schweiz

    Question: How will I prove that I'm a Fan Club member at Celebration Europe?

    Members will be given a special lanyard to attach to their tickets/badges, that will identify them as a Fan Club member and admit them to the early-bird opening and special shows and events. You will collect this lanyard, along with friends & family coupons from dedicated fan club booths in the entry foyer of Celebration Europe on the first day of the show. Depending on your membership type you will be asked for one of the following:

    To show your OSWFC Membership card

    To show one form of photo ID which will be checked against databases of members

    You must ensure that your membership is current from June 2007 through August of 2007 to be safe.

    Question: What other benefits can I enjoy at Celebration Europe as a Fan Club member?

    Members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club who purchase a 3-day ticket will also be able to collect 4 Friends & Family coupons. These coupons can be used once, and will allow members to admit one family member or friend for each coupon to Early Bird Opening, to the Fan Club Lounge, and to Fan Club exclusive shows.

    The Fan Club Lounge is the Celebration Europe exclusive meeting place for members only. Members can also enjoy scheduled meet-and-greet sessions with celebrities.

    Select shows and entertainment are scheduled for Fan Club members, too! Members will be seated first for certain shows, and non-members will be allowed only if there are still seats available.

    Times and locations for all events and exhibits might change. Please check and for updates closer to the show

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    wow. looks like this event will kick [censored] already. At first i thought it would be a very por version of the US celebration events but already that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Does this mean our tickets will be given to us at the show or is it just the fan club lanyard cards that are given out thee and our tickets are posted to us?

    The only other issue i have is with the vouchers that allows non members to get in early aswell. Do these people also have to have a 3 day ticket like the fan club members or can they get the voucher with just a single day ticket?

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    Showmasters are handling CE and if their regular Empire Days are anything to go by, then they will have a tendency to leave things to the last minute, so expect some major announcements as the clock ticks ever closer

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    I sure hope Showmasters don't leave guests to the last moment, just because they have another 10 or so event's of their own organise. I do think they take too much on which results with their guests getting really repative

    They were chosen to be the people to get the guests and should take it as a sort of honour

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    Re: Is Anyone else getting worried?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee_c00per
    They were chosen to be the people to get the guests and should take it as a sort of honour
    Chosen? They put in a tender like everyone else involved did.

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