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Thread: F/T: A Little Bit of Everthing !!!!!

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    F/T: A Little Bit of Everthing !!!!!

    All are MOC or MONMC unless otherwise stated. Won't call any MOMC because my opinion ma differ from others!!!! Only looking to trade, don't need to sell anything yet!!!

    NFL 1 Kurt Warner Dirty White
    NFL 2 Marvin Harrison White Variant (Damaged Bubble)
    NFL 9 Priest Holmes Variant
    NFL 11 Ben Roethlisberger
    NFL 11 Tom Brady
    NFL 12 LaDanian Tomlinson Striped Socks
    NFL 12 LaDanian Tomlinson Blue Socks (Tri-Card)
    NFL 12 Drew Brees Striped Socks (Tri-Card)
    NFL 13 Randy Moss Afro
    NFL 14 Reggie Bush
    NFL 14 Antonio Gates
    NFL 14 Antonio Gates Variant X2
    NFL 14 Steve Smith Variant.......NRMT Card (Small Ding)
    NFL 14 Derrick Brooks Retro X3
    NFL 14 Snowy Polamalu X2
    NFL Legends 2 Joe Montana Variant
    NFL Legends Walter Payton Variant X5........... NRMT Card
    NFL 2006 CC Baltimore Ravens Sanders
    NFL 2006 CC Deion Set
    NFL 3 Pack..... Pittsburgh Steelers

    MLB 9 Pedro Martinez (Expos Retro)
    MLB 16 Manny Ramirez Variant
    MLB Cooperstown 4 Joe DiMaggio Variant
    MLB Cooperstown 4 Roger Maris Variant

    NHL 2 Dominik Hasek Red Variant w/protech
    NHL 3 Roman Turek Black Variant w/protech
    NHL 5 Dan Cloutier White Variant w/protech
    NHL 7 Jean-Sebastian Giguere Purple Variant w/protech
    NHL 9 Andrew Raycroft White Variant w/protech
    NHL 11 Nikolai Khabibulin White Variant w/protech
    NHL Legends 4 Bobby Orr (Sephia Chase) NRMNT....crinkle & ding in bubble.

    NBA 10 Lebron James Variant
    NBA Legends 2 Isiah Thomas Variant
    NBA Legends 2 Clyde Drexler Rockets Variant X2
    NBA 11 Chauncy Billips Variant
    NBA 11 Steve Francis Kinicks Insert

    WWE Classic Superstars
    Fabulous Freebirds 3 Pack X2
    RSF Exclusive Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Montreal Screwjob X2......NRMT
    TRU Exclusive Rey Mysterio
    CS11 Hulk Hogan X2
    CS11 123 Kid X2.........Loose & Complete
    CS10 Dusty Rhodes.........Loose & Complete
    CS10 Bruno Samartino.........Loose & Complete
    CS10 Rocky Maivia.........Loose & Complete
    CS12 Lou Albano
    CS13 Luna
    Deluxe Aggression Sabu

    Rocky Figures
    Rocky I - Apollo Creed Battle Damage
    Rocky I - Rocky Balboa Battle Damage
    Rocky I - Spider Rico
    Rocky I - Adrian
    Rocky I - Meat
    Rocky II - Apollo w/Robe
    Rocky II - Rocky Balboa Battle Damage
    Rocky II - Rocky Balboa w/Robe
    Rocky II - Rocky Win
    Rocky Balboa - Rocky
    KB Exclusive Rocky III 3 Pack

    Die Cast Disney Cars

    Justice League
    Target Exclusive "DOOMSDAY" 6 pack X4

    Marvel Legends:
    Marvel Archangel Metal Wings Prop, #347 of 650

    NFL Trading Cards
    2004 Fleer Showcase "Showcase Grace" Brian Urlacher SG-BU #10/54
    2004 Fleer Showcase Hot Hands Randy Moss w/ Game-Worn patch #19/50
    2004 Donruss Elite Face 2 Face Jerry Rice w/ Game-Worn Face Mask FF #111/125

    Looking for MOC or close:

    NFL 2 Brian Urlacher White Variant
    NFL 6 Corrected Priest Holmes
    NFL 12 NH McNabb
    NFL 13 Matt Leinart
    NFL 14 Variants & Insert figures........Bush & Brees

    WWE Wrestlers:
    Classic Superstars Champions 3 Pack......Rock, Michaels & Hart
    Ruthless Aggression 1/500 Shawn Michaels
    Ruthless Aggression 1/500 Big Show
    Ruthless Aggression 1/500 Great Khali
    Ruthless Aggression 1/500 Test

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    Re: F/T: A Little Bit of Everthing !!!!!

    pm sent habs
    "Only in the leap from the Lion's head will he prove his worth "

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