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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Yo Joe Edition

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    received the last installments of the FSS 7.0 series:

    Tiger Force Jinx
    Sgt. Stalker
    Hollow Point

    both Stalker and Jinx are the clear winners of this last shipment. Hollow Point is cool but he's kinda a cross between Rock and Roll and Low Light in my book.
    Longing for the Good Old Kenner Days where SW Figures were in great supply and everyone was able to find their favorite characters etc..... Hasbro you need to follow this example ! Twitter: @SWChamp

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    Recently was digging through my storage closet and found a Hall of Heroes Zartan, and then it made me want more of those 10 figures, so I picked up Snake Eyes, Snake eyes w/ wolf, Storm Shadow, Beachhead and Firefly off ebay.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards...(approx. 22-28 needed to complete it, depending on your certain point of view.)

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    Picked up a handful of 40 percent off items at the Joe Club Online Store clearance sale. Sad to see the Club is going away.

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    Is there any way to order without joining the club? Seems silly to join if its folding...

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    Have you tried to order without joining? I recall an email saying (I think) the sale was open to anybody. Or it said open to any former and current members. Sorry, I cant remember. I'm still mad at myself for not getting the yellow AT base camp tent set when it went on sale several years ago.

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    I started re-collecting all of the old ARAH Joes about 2 years ago and am getting close to being finished. It was so fun to get a couple every week! I'm down to just a handful from '82, the most expensive ones of course lol Also, I didn't get all of the '92-'94 figures, just the ones that I thought looked cool or were semi-realistic still. Big Lob is on my radar, but man that figure goes for a lot now! I also started doing a personal project where I touched up my figures to make them more accurate to the card art or just felt like painting details that were left unpainted on the figures. I also some of the later post '91 Joes more realistic paint decos. Some of those '92-'94 Joes were actually great sculpts but just needed more subdued paint colors.

    I'll start sharing pics of some of my Joes I updated or customized on here soon.

    I love talking about Joes!

    Who were some of your favorite Joes and which Joes did you guys think were either underrated or maybe would have been way more awesome if given a more realistic color scheme?
    Most Wanted
    Arleil Schous/Aunt Beru/Barada/BespEsc Leia/Cane Adiss/Cantina Bnd Mmbr/8D8/EV9D9/Ewk Leia/Fozec/Garouf Lafoe/Lak Sivrak/Lars GNK/Lobot/Momaw Nadon/MonMothma/Motti/Piett/Reegesk/SB Weequay/Shasa Tiel/Sim Aloo/Solomahal/Sy Snootles (puppet)/Taym Drengaren/Tessek/Tzizvvt/Velken Tezari/21B/Wuher/Yerka Mig/Yotts Orren/Yoxgit

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