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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Transformers Edition

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    Grabbed Moonracer, Snarl and Sludge this week

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    Today I picked up legends Battleslash and Roadtrap

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandoGriffin View Post
    Today I picked up legends Battleslash and Roadtrap
    I had the gen 1 version of Battletrap back in the day as well as getting an unopened one from ebay a few years ago. The newer one as great and I love that the 2 vehicles transform into robot modes. We need Flywheels next.

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    Saw this guy in a local antique mall. Can anyone tell me who it is? I’m not a Transformers collector so sorry for my ignorance and sideways picture.

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    Voltron, not Transformers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedicrippler View Post
    Voltron, not Transformers.
    Haha. Ok thanks. Apparently, I'm not a Voltron guy either

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    picked up the Takara movie versions of Bumblebee and Ratchet last weekend. not a fan of bumblebee... the plastic is cheap and very flimsy and parts easily snap off. I've yet to be able to get the full transformation from robot to car. ratchet was somewhat easier to transform
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    Studio series blackout will be here soon can’t wait for the leader class size. Glad they decided to make him the proper size versus the tiny voyager size from the movie line

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    Found PotP leader Optimus and Rodimus for $11 at Walmart!

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    Found Walmart exclusive deluxe TLK Hot Rod at Ross for $8.99

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