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Rebelscum Links
Things you can find while you're right here...

The Kellerman Matrices

Rebelscum Vintage Photo Archive

Rebelscum Vintage Weapons and Accessories Photo Guide

Master List Of All FOTW & VOTW Threads

Steve York's Tri-Logo article Links
Hands down, the most impressive source for Vintage information...

Star Wars Collector's Archive

Archive Database

Star Wars Collector's Archive Lexicon

Star Wars Archive Special Features

Reproduction Weapons Information
Find out if you've been rooked, hoowinked, or all together bamboozled.

Armory Of The Jawas Repro Photo Guide


Star Wars Collector's Archive Chat

J4cet's Star Wars Chat

Carded Image Resources
for information on the variations on the printed cards...

Full-On Robbot Chubby's Brilliant FOTW Master List

Dan Flarida and Ron Salvatore's Card Back Guide

Canadian Card Backs

General Figure and Toy Information

International Star Wars Collecting Sites
Because they sold them in places other than America too...

Canadian Star Wars Gallery


Cake's Palitoy Card Back Guide

Repair and Sticker/ Instruction Book Research
From price tage removal to cleaning tips...

Vintage Restoration Site

SWInserts (Formerly

Important facts about the members of the Rebelscum Vintage Forum community...

Non-SW Rare Toyshow Part 1

Non-SW Rare Toyshow Part 2

Collector's Foci

Michael Mensinger's Non-Star Wars Vintage Trade/Marketplace

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