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Thread: empire/republic hanger. updated 5/18

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    empire/republic hanger. updated 5/18

    here's my empire/republic hanger, Thanks for all the great comments. After the reading the good suggestions about the floor, I have changed it out. The dio measures 30" x 30" and is about 26" tall. The tie grips are adjustable hand clamps. here's a few new pics.

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    Re: empire hanger

    WOW . . . AGAIN! You keep amazing me with these dios. So cinema-like.

    Great attention to detail. The one thing is I am not sure about the linolium floor. Imp floor have a very distinct look to them.

    But that's not important. I'm still blown away!
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    Re: empire hanger

    Wow! A HUGE and amazing diorama!

    Very, very cool. This looks terrific!!

    I also think you should consider putting another floor down.

    Here's a suggestion - I have a large piece of shiny, black reflective poster board that I've used in the past. Something like that might work great and they're very cheap at art supply stories.

    In any event, this is wonderful, imaginative work!!

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    Re: empire hanger

    This has to be one of the best customs ive seen. Very Imperial and cinema like. Very impressed rebel once again you amaze us all with ur genius
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    Re: empire hanger

    As I have stated in previous threads, I love to see the resurgence of large dioramas. Nicely done. As far as the floor, I like it. When I first saw it, my thoughts were that the Empire had set up a hangar in a former temple, like a Yavin IV setting, and engineered the walls to conform to their standards; leaving the temple flooring in place.
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    Re: empire hanger

    yea i have seen the black reflective poster board at the store, i wasn't too impressed with it, too many dents and creases. The floor was made to be interchangeable, so it could double as a republic hanger too, so there is another floor underneath the ones in the pics.

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    Re: empire hanger

    One possibility is printing out a floor pattern on glossy photo paper. That way you get the reflection you want and whatever design you want to put on it.
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    Re: empire hanger

    "Tell me what's on your mind, or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself!"

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    Re: empire hanger

    So I said to her "You want it clean? HUH? You want it CLEAN? YOU CLEAN IT! CLEAN IT YOURSELF! CLEAN IT YOURSELF!"... and I haven't seen my mother since that point.

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    Re: empire hanger


    Very, very well done. I too think the only room for improvement would be the floor. I used black giftwrap from Hobby Lobby to get a good smooth, reflective finish. Looks pretty good and it's cheap too.

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