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Thread: My storage/display idea - Updated Jan. 3, '08

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    My storage/display idea - Updated Jan. 3, \'08

    Here are some pictures of how I store my loose figures. It works pretty good as a display too. I am just beginning this project and have a long way to go. When I'm finished, all the drawers will be put in a frame (something like a small dresser). It's in it's early stages and it's nothing fancy but it works for me! So far I have three drawers and five completed trays. Two for Episode IV, one for Episode II, one for Episode III and one for EU. The last few pictures show what goes on when nobody's looking!
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    Wow...Thats a really cool idea

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    Re: My storage/display idea

    That is a really good way to display and store them. I like the background on each slot.
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey_History
    The last few pictures show what goes on when nobody's looking!
    lol. kinda like indian in the cupboard. nice job. that's a good idea for storage.

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    Re: My storage/display idea

    I remember my neighbor's father made a similar case back during the vintage era. The difference was he had a sliding piece of thin wood that would close the box. So it was more like a carrying case. I like it!

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    Re: My storage/display idea

    Really like this design! Plan on trading it? =P
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    Good idea!
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    It looks pretty good but that's way too much prep work for me. lol
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    What a neat idea- thanks for sharing!
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    Re: My storage/display idea

    Cool display you must be very proud. Keep it up

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