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Thread: Transformers - "Masterpiece Edition" Thread

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    While I do like it, how many times are they gonna release him?
    I am tempted to get this version, as i hadn't yet pulled the trigger on the previous one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    New Bumblebee on it's way, MP45:

    With this one having more of the animated and "Super Deformed" style, I wonder if that will finally open the door to Cliffjumper? I heard somewhere they couldn't do him because the MP line had to be realistic, and Porsche wouldn't give them the license?

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    I'm passing on him. He looks great in his alt-mode, but parts of his robot mode feel far too "animation" accurate for my tastes. Which bums me out since he is currently my third favorite in regards to the 1984/1985 line-up. Then again, I am also going to aim for toy accuracy with my revised collection. At least when it comes to the JG1 Minibots,
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