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Thread: Transformers - "Masterpiece Edition" Thread

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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GNT
    Didnt we see pictures of a corrected Starscream? I thought we did?
    I haven't yet but I don't follow Transformers as closely... If someone has a link, please share if so inclined.
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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Seems GNT forgot about the Alternator's line of Transformers in his thread split up but I figure they are close enough to the Masterpiece line to be included in this thread.

    Anyway my news is I finally found Mirage/Ford GT today. I have been looking for this one for ages but all I kept on seeing here is Optimus Prime, Ricochet, Rollbar, Tracks and Meister so it was great to find this new model. I really dig the Ford GT, it is one "[censored]" looking car in that midnight blue colour scheme and the robot mode suits Mirage very well. But I was a bit gutted because my Mirage is missing the blue handle for one of his guns so looks like I will have to contact Hasbro NZ to get a replacement part.

    After getting Prowl who I though sucked it is great to see the Alternators back on track and with a good couple of models up next in Rumble and Ravage!
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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Trying not to completely hijack this thread, but for you Alternator fans, here is a sweet site to make them look more like their G1 counterparts:

    Also has head swap between Prowl and Red Alert so that both are better suited to their G1 likeness.

    As for the Masterpiece line, how do you get 4? I know of Optimus, 'Screamer, and Megs. Are you counting Prime's trailer as one? Also, has the Starscream been released yet? I heard all about it being made, but nothing on it being released? Guess these are just 2 more items to add to my Botcon list for this summer!
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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by PimpLando
    As for the Masterpiece line, how do you get 4? I know of Optimus, 'Screamer, and Megs.
    There was an Ultra Magnus Masterpiece edition released in both China and Australia. it was just a white version of Optimus and better quality then that cheap plastic Optimus Hasbro released.

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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Hasbro actually released 2. The second one with the base was the one with the cheap plastic, but the first one was mostly diecast

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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Ah, I see. I got the 1st issued one, and it had a lot of die-cast metal on him! So I guess if you do count Prime's trailer, then the count would be 5!
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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    I have MP Prime and he is godly. Words do not suffice to describe his greatness.

    I ordered MP Starscream despite the BS colors, and mine came with the legs glued in plane mode. Obviously I was very upset, and sent it back to BBTS, who was gracious enough to give me a refund. I was so annoyed, I did not replace him, thinking one closer to cartoon colors might be coming.

    I can't wait to get my hands on Megatron, hopefully no QC issues this time. If he's good I may even order another Starscream so Megs has someone to smack around.

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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    I bought the die cast Prime in 2004 at a convention. It is awesome. I also bought the Japanese reissue of Shockwave. this thread is the first I've heard of Megatron and Star scream and they look great. I will definitely be picking these up. Although Starscreams current colors are off, he kinf of looks like Thundercracker.

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    Re: Transformers - \"Masterpiece Edition\" Thread

    Here's a new shot of Megs in box. I can't wait!

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