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Thread: CIV Official Announcements Thread

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    CIV Official Announcements Thread

    I figured this would be a good idea to create one central thread that contained links to all of the CIV announcements and updates posted on Feel free to post any new links to this thread as new updates become available.

    Created By Fans, For Fans More Autographs than Ever
    More Droids than Ever
    Meet Stars Who Span the Saga
    Carrie Fisher Coming to CIV
    CIV Collector Panels
    Anthony Daniels to Appear at CIV
    Peter Mayhew heads up 2nd Wave of Guests
    CIV Art Show
    Charlie Ross - One Man Star Wars at CIV
    Live Sculpting at CIV
    3rd Guest List Announced
    Build Your Own Ewok Tree at CIV
    Jay L'Gaia to Host CIV
    CIV Early Registration Benefits
    Fett Triple Header at CIV
    Star Wars Fan Film Challenge Awards at CIV
    Super Collectible Medallions at Collector Panels
    CIV Postcards to Send Now
    Official CIV Program Book
    More CIV Collecting Panels
    CIV Exclusive Figure Announced
    Test Your Saber Skills at CIV
    CIV Art Show
    CIV Luke McQuarrie Figure - Hasbro Booth
    More Collecting Panels for CIV
    Be the Next SW Celebrity at CIV
    More Artists Announced for CIV - Ralph McQuarrie
    GenCon Exhibitors at CIV
    Jake Lloyd Announced & More
    More CIV Artists Announced - 4/12/07
    Official Pix CIV Photos Revealed
    Final Round of Guests Announced - 3 GOH Still Pending
    More CIV Artists Announced - 4/17/07
    John Knoll to appear at CIV
    Tatooine Game Parlor at CIV
    Star Wars Galaxies at CIV
    CIV Costume Pageants
    "Family Guy" Creator Seth MacFarlane at CIV
    "Fanboys" Preview at CIV
    A Conversation with Carrie Fisher
    OPX Complete CIV Photo Set for $279.00
    ILM Members at CIV
    SW Trilogy in 30 Minutes
    Scott Chernoff - CIV Event Host
    CIV Fan Club Breakfasts
    CIV Tattoo Exhibit and Competition
    Production Stars at CIV
    Drew Struzan and Others to Sign at StarWarsShop Booth
    Star Wars in Pop Culture at CIV
    Clone Wars Producer & Director at CIV
    BIlly Dee Williams at CIV
    Creature Masters at CIV
    The Force Unleashed at CIV
    Insider's Guide to CIV -- PART 1
    FatHead Exclusives at CIV
    SW Insider Issue # 94 Collector's Edition at CIV

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    Re: CIV Announcements Thread -- from

    Thanks Justin, I'm gonna sticky this post for everyone to see!
    Dustin Roberts
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    Re: CIV Announcements Thread -- from

    Opening Ceremonies announcement - Friday May 25th (taken from the latest Homing Beacon e-mail dated 2/22/07):

    Fans should be sure not to miss the 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremonies on Friday evening, May 25. The Ceremonies will be a double celebration, officially kicking off a huge weekend of Star Wars fun, while commemorating the actual 30th anniversary of the first day Star Wars opened in theaters in 1977. Look for entertainment, guest stars, and special surprises designed just for this memorable evening.

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    Re: CIV Announcements Thread -- from

    Six-Movie Star Wars Marathon at Celebration IV
    March 14, 2007

    Fans attending the Star Wars 6-Movie Marathon will receive one of the commemorative buttons created just for the event.

    The Star Wars party at Celebration IV in Los Angeles this May just got even better. On Wednesday May 23, fans will have the opportunity to kick-start their Celebration weekend with a U.S. first: a free Star Wars 6-movie marathon event.

    Beginning at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, May 23, fans and movie buffs will have a chance to attend the screening of the entire, epic Star Wars saga on the big screen, beginning with Episode I The Phantom Menace and ending with Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The approximately 17-hour program (including intermissions) will lead into the five days of non-stop festivities that will commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars throughout the rest of the Memorial Day weekend.

    The six-movie Star Wars saga is set to be screened in Hall K at the Los Angeles Convention Center in a venue created for this one-time-only event. The tickets, free of charge for those attending Celebration IV, are scheduled to go up for reservations at 9:00 AM PDT, Thursday, March 15, and initially will be available exclusively to fans who have purchased admission to Star Wars Celebration IV. Admission badges can be purchased, and movie marathon reservations made, online at the official Star Wars Celebration site.

    Those attending the six-movie marathon will receive a commemorative button, and bragging rights to have been Among the first to watch the entire saga in order at a U.S. screening.

    Tickets to the Star Wars Saga movie marathon are available to those who have purchased admission badges to Star Wars Celebration IV, but seating is limited and reservations for tickets must be made in advance. The marathon is free for Celebration IV attendees, but fans should register now at the Celebration IV registration website to make sure they don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event. Tickets will be available beginning at 12 noon EDT and 9 AM PDT on Thursday, March 15.

    Residents of the United States who register online before March 30, 2007 can have their tickets mailed to them. Fans who pre-register by April 30, when online registration for Celebration IV closes, will be able to pick their tickets up at a will-call desk at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    After the movie marathon on the 23rd, Celebration IV opens to fans with a special "sneak preview" day exclusively for Official Star Wars Fan Club members on Thursday, May 24. Celebration IV opens to the general public on the anniversary day, May 25, which is also the day the gala Opening Ceremonies will be held. The show runs through Memorial Day, Monday, May 28.

    Star Wars 6-Movie Marathon
    Wednesday, May 23, 2007
    9:00 AM
    Hall K, Los Angles Convention Center
    Concessions available during the screenings.
    Register today at the Star Wars Celebration site.
    Times and location might change. Please check closer to the show for updates closer to the show!

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    Re: CIV Announcements Thread -- from

    For $14.95 you can now become a member without signing up for the magazine subscription (an additional $25). I just signed up

    Hyperspace Link

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    Re: CIV Announcements Thread -- from

    Guys, I removed the posts from this thread that contained comments on the announcements. That way we can keep this thread neat and tidy with just the official announcements. Please feel free to comment on any of the announcements in the other threads, or create a brand new thread for the new CIV announcement.


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