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Thread: Zuckuss Mini-Bust

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    Zuckuss Mini-Bust

    Didnt see a thread on my favorite bounty hunter yet so I though I would start one...

    This will be my first Mini-Bust so I am really excited not only for that reason but because he is my favorite character in SW. I am really glad he is starting to "get some love" in the merchandise area.

    So, who else is picking him up?

    EDIT: forgot to mention, I have mine on preorder form Entertainment Earth... Since this is my first experience with Mini-Busts (I have order figures from EE before) are they a good retailer for Busts?

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    I have him on pre-order as I love the scene with all the Bounty Hunters in ESB.

    All we need now is 4-LOM to be announced at TF.

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Congrats on the plunge---your wallet will regret it! LOL Entertainment Earth is reliable and reputable, however, their prices are generally at retail and there aren't many price breaks. For future bust purchases, I swear by Northside There are several others such as'm sure others will chime in. Prices are generally better at the smaller places.

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Try your local Comic shop if you have one around. They can order them for you and sometime at a discount.

    Zuckuss has always been my fav Bounty Hunter as well and I'm very happy GG is getting to him. I just hope 4LOM isn't too far off.
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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Thanks guys...

    I would love to have a whole set of the bounty hunters... but that boba is way out of my price range right now... maybe if GG releases a new version of him I might go back an pick up the others.

    I have a local comic shop but they generally dont carry bust or anything like that. I might move my pre-order over to razorsedge because they look like they have the best price. Thanks for the information though and I am glad to see some other people out there excited about this bust!

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    I also have him on to finish my ESB scene
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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Razor's Edge rules, that's all there is to it.

    Zuckuss is my favorite right behind IG-88, and I was thrilled to see him getting released this soon. The sculpt looks great, but the paint could use a little bit of work. No one reading this happens to have an in-person shot do they? I know someone had one of Plo Koon's in the thread I made about it.

    Either way, Zuckuss is going to rock, and he's sure to turn some heads.

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    for have the complete list of bounty hunter they must do 4LOM but AURRA SIN too ...

    we can see her some few second in the TPM..
    now they did all bounty hunter ( OT and prelo) we can hope they finish with really all ...

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Woah, I just now checked out your Zuckuss collection in your signature. That's very impressive. How would you rate the Hasbro 12" figure overall? I keep wanting to get it, but expect SS to do him within the next two years, while it's a bit of a stretch.

    Do you have a photo gallery with all the pictures in at all? My Asajj one is here in my signature. 'love to add you to my friends list since I'm trying to find people who do character focus collections.

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    Re: GG Zuckuss Mini-Bust thread

    Without a doubt Zuckuss will be joining his fellow hunters in my display.

    On preorder over at MWC!
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