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Thread: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    here ya go:

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Mathyus
    I have a few Star Cases left, and was going to order some of the Hasbro ones, but I will have to wait and see what looks better on my wall before I order any.
    Any existing Star Case will fit the TAC figures.Some of the deeper cases do best.

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by r2_jenn2
    here ya go:

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    That great, love it!They fit into the star case!

    I'm going to place my order for 50 now!

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Yeah, I have more Star Cases then I do Hasbro ones right now. Plus, there is a sports card and collectibles show the weekend of the 23rd near me, so I can get more there. As long as they dont have to change the size of the bubble, these cases will work fine.
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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by reelism
    question: do any of they other star cases fit TAC or are there new versions being released?
    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Piet
    Quote Originally Posted by blueMnM
    i just bought a case of star case 4 from protech it fits fine
    u can also use the original star case
    How is the 4 different from the 3?
    Quote Originally Posted by jedikatarn
    I had some already - I think they were the ones that were from Hasbro Toy Shop - you know the ones that are supposed to fit 99% of all figures ever made (everyone but Ephant Mon and Battlefront Scout Trooper) - these seemed to work fine with the new TAC figures...
    Quote Originally Posted by reelism
    nice... thx for the info guys
    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    The Hasbro ROTS cases work as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ridzuan
    The 2007 series are friendlier than its 2006 counterpart. I was pleasantly surprised that it could fit my collector's case purchased prior to 2006's.

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by mastercasello
    do they have them for the tac figures yet? If so, where to buy them. Didn't see any on ebay.
    Quote Originally Posted by CobraKaiDojo
    I'm pretty sure that the Saga ones from last year work.
    Quote Originally Posted by K_M_Toydarian
    Quote Originally Posted by mrmforceX
    The official ones from Hasbro work perfect (and cheap too, at a dollar per case!)
    I like the current Hasbro cases, they are great, I always get a few vases when they have free shipping.
    I noticed the cases that came with the C4 luke and droids figures are a little slimmer than the 10 pack ones. The 10 pack are great cause they fit most figures through the years regardless f bubble size, but the C4 cases, being not as deep stack more efficiently, as there is less wasted space.
    Wonder if we will see those put out in a 10 pack.

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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    These things are so expensive for what they are, $4.99 here at one of my local Toyworlds.
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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    For anyone who needs them, I have cases or the TAC line that I am selling. I've been selling them for the past several weeks in the classifieds for just a buck a piece(plus shipping, of course), several people around here have bought them and are very happy.
    I have a few hundred of them, so if anyone is interested, feel free to pm me.
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    Re: Star Cases For TAC Basic Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith242
    I tried searching the site, but I could not find anything...but does someone know where one can purchase the clear protective cases for carded TAC figures?

    Much appreciated!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by iambob13
    Try I bought the 10-pack there and they're pretty good. I don't have any problems with them other than they are a bit deep. I guess it's good for figures that come in different sizes. I need to find some for my new JOEs.
    Go with the Hasbro cases, they're probably the best around if you wanted to put lots in the cases.

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