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Thread: WTB: POTF MOC, Blue Snag, & More - Updated 7/16/08

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    WTB: POTF MOC, Blue Snag, & More - Updated 7/16/08

    I won't be able to buy all of these things at once, but I figured I might as well start my list. Please let me know what you have and the price you are looking to get – pictures would be great too. I'll respond to all PM’s, although it might not be instantly. Thank you in advance.

    Loose Figures - These need to be in very good condition, with all their accessories.
    Blue Snaggletooth
    Sy Snootles & Band

    POTF MOC – These don't have to be perfect examples. The only requirement is that the bubble isn't cracked.
    Han Solo (Carbonite Chamber)
    Imperial Gunner
    Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)
    R2-D2 w/ Pop-Up Lightsaber
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    Re: WTB: POTF MOC, Vehicles, and More - Updated 1/11

    PM Sent!
    My old email account ( is no longer in use. Please contact me for my new email address.

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