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Thread: Discoloration - a.k.a. "prototypes and variations"

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    Re: Discoloration - a.k.a. \"prototypes and variati

    Ok, here's what I have to contribute.

    I'll start with a couple of minor ones, and get progressively worse, all from my son's collection...

    Prune Face with faded pants. Compare to the crotch area.


    Nikto with green shirt. Compare to the pale blue as it should be at the top of the legs.


    Lobot with discolored shirt.


    Bossk with extremely faded limbs.


    Obi-Wan with polka dot pants.


    General Madine with extremely discolored shirt.


    Imperial Dignitary with a torso so badly discolored it looks almost black.


    Finally, this Ewok is hard to distinguish between whether it used to be Logray or Teebo. It was Logray at one time.


    I also have a Blue Snag and Amanaman with faded limbs, but neither one came out too clear in the pics.


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    Re: Discoloration - a.k.a. \"prototypes and variati


    You're sitting on a gold mine. LOL

    Great thread Chris, and great contributions all. I really hope it helps to stop some from buying into this nonsense.

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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn_Byrne

    Absolutely wonderful topic!!! This is becoming a serious issue even with packaged figures, playsets, and vehicles. I got a great photo to share later of a Wampa I opened up from a sealed box, and this thing was a serious POS! I've never seen such discoloration right from a factory sealed box!

    Notice the discoloring done by the cardboard insert along the top of the head on the ears!
    I just bought a collection and in it was a very yellow torso Wampa. I submerged it completely in a mix of %50 water and %50 bleach. 3 days later it was much whiter, almost original color. It went from POS to a very displayable figure. People say it does not work but I am telling you it does. Just thought I would share that with a fellow scummer.

    ...and the only thing that stayed yellow was the glue on the seams. Still, it turned out alot better than when I originally got it.
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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    I don't have a pic handy but I am hoping someone will please post a pink limbed Boba Fett. You see a lot of them carded on Empire cards. There were a couple in the RS classifieds recently. If you open the bubble the figure itself would be very sticky with pink arms, legs and head.
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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    Does anyone have a Kez-Iban with brown-discolored torso?

    I once saw one on eBay and was highly tempted to bid... the seller seemed to know his stuff when it came to prototypes, etc. However, I did a quick search of other Kez auctions and immediately found ANOTHER brown-torso Kez-Iban in someone else's lot of figures. That's when I got doubtful and assumed it was a discoloration rather than a proto.

    I didn't bid on either auction, despite the fact that the lot was much cheaper than the single Kez in the first auction. Plus I don't think I archived the photos. Does anyone have a sample of a Kez turning colors?

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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    I can't wait to get home and shoot a couple pics of figures like this
    Great topic, very entertaining.

    (looking for legitimate Hammerhead with cross eyes )

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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    Quote Originally Posted by New_Bornalex
    Does anyone have a Kez-Iban with brown-discolored torso?

    I once saw one on eBay and was highly tempted to bid...
    I forgot all about that one! I plucked this from one of those auctions at the time. I chalked it up to discoloration, but I saved the image nonetheless.

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    Re: Discolored figure images - post here

    Here's another Fett that was recently on ebay, being sold as a variation of course. Faded and opposing leg and arm. The auction was ended early which usually means someone made a side-deal for it. Lucky them.

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    Re: Discoloration - a.k.a. \"prototypes and variati

    Here’s a few more discoloured (& faded) figures:

    HK Luke X-Wing with ‘alternate’ face sculpt & Luke Bespin with “Made In Hong Kong” on left leg, both variants seem very prone to this type of fading.
    ‘Green legged’ Han Bespin, Lobot with measles and a Rebel Commander with one green boot!

    Also, Ian’s Prune Face with the paler pants is a variation, not discoloration. It’s the Tri Prune Face! I guess to prove it’s not discoloration you’d need a photo of one MOC from back in the ‘80's (with an open cape) or a pic. in a catalogue etc. It is however a pretty common figure in Europe (found on Trilogo cards), the finish of the plastic (along with the colour) seems slightly different, and the text is possibly a bit more blurry? I’ve also never seen a Prune Face with only ‘half-faded’ pants, they’ve always been ‘normal’ green or ‘olive’ green, nothing in between. Not one of the cooler variants though


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    Re: Discoloration - a.k.a. \"prototypes and variations\"

    I just wanted to add a web linked resource to this great thread. It was once posted in the forums by JohnA in this thread, and I think it's a great reference to help explain why these cases of discoloration occur. Understanding that more than one type of plastic is used in these figures, and that these plastics have their own properties, really helps to explain some of the odd cases of discoloration. No wonder limbs and torsos age so differently.

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