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Thread: Discoloration - a.k.a. "prototypes and variations"

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    In local collectibles, there are a lot of great items and the new toys will be our favorite.
    you have allowed this dark Lord to twist your mind, until now, until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

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    I don't even understand that Leia. Yellowing happens all of the time, and even some have the skin tone-ish peach look to them, but that's like a molded wood look the way it has that grey/black tint. Weird.

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    What am I supposed to be looking for in this R2 variant? Is it the sticker version? Trying to figure out what is driving the price up on this particular one. Is it a Lily? The bottom isn't one I'm familiar with.
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    Its a r2 pop up saber without the saber. Really not a bad price, looks to be in decent shape. On the second photo you can see the hole where the saber goes.


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    Ok I swear I wasn't drinking. Don't know how I missed the giant hole in his head.....

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    Has anyone seen figures that are almost rubber material? I have some like that and am wondering if that is due to plastic degradation or what. They all seem to either have a china or scarred COO. Also, is the metallic Vader due to discoloration?

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    No, I have not seen. But I think it would be a good quality. I would like to have this one myself.

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