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Thread: Luke in Robes discovery?

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    Luke in Robes discovery?

    Ok, so I'm looking through Stephane's Meccano book and I notice something interesting. On page 107, there is a catalog picture of new ROTJ figures. This is the picture usually cited showing the black caped Squidhead.

    But I was looking at it and noticed the Luke Jedi figure. The picture clearly shows a cloak on him like the production figure, but a completely different figure underneath. THis looks like it might be a Ben Kenobi, but the face looks more like a Luke figure. So I pull of pics of the Luke in Robes and notice something else. Look at the figures right leg. The Luke in Robe has this swoosh of material on the right leg that makes this catalog picture look more like this figure than the Ben figure. See how the right leg "hem" is higher than the left leg? THe kenobi figure is not like that.

    Can anyone who might have this catalog make a decent sized scan of that figure?

    Could this be a mystery solved? Comments?

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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    That's most defenitly a Luke in robe!

    Look at the pictures:

    1) Luke in Meccano book
    2) Ben Kenobi
    3) Luke in Robe from TRG site

    Fantastic discovery! So, no POTF after all!

    Plus, it's red and painted!


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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Holy crap!! This is huge. Great eye, CJ.

    Now, the question is, what's the story? I know there's an alternate sculpt of Luke Jedi and that was much stiffer than the one released. Could this be an even earlier attempt at Luke Jedi? Is it possible this is another blue Snag in that Kenner didn't have good visuals yet?

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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    It looks like the Luke in robes to me!

    Good eyes Chris!
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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Great find in a great book. Yet another reason that I am so glad to Stephane produced it.

    It should be said that despite the great scan from AJ, the color does not come through that well. In the book, it is suprisingly red.

    So, what is the probable origin of this photo? Kenner, Palitoy, Meccano? I assume not Meccano, as it says "Luke" and not the usual "Luc." If it is Kenner, why is it only found here?
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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Great work! That's awesome!
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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Quote Originally Posted by AJ_van_Zelst

    Fantastic discovery! So, no POTF after all!

    Yeah, I've seen indications where it was a "Revenge" figure which meant it was early, not later.

    Quote Originally Posted by AJ_van_Zelst

    Plus, it's red and painted!

    I believe that's the color scheme on the design drawing that Lisa & Vic have in their collection. Which I don't have a photo of that's handy. It was always pretty close, but not quite dead-on with the figure. At least that's what I used to think.

    Good eye, Cj! It's incredible to see it in released literature like that.

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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Wow CJ - sharp eyes!

    This got me thinking though, does the evidence point towards the possibility (or probability ?) that this piece was in France at some stage? (I'm thinking along the lines of the Speeder Bike model that had obviously clocked up some serious airmiles!)

    Anyone know the names of the Meccano marketing staff in 1983?

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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    Kudos CJ!

    So how many of this figure have surfaced so far, just the one in Gus's collection?

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    Re: Luke in Robes discovery?

    That is a cool find!

    Here is a custom Luke In Robes figure...

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