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Thread: Masterfett feedback

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    Masterfett feedback

    Just traded with Masterfett for some parts, it went smoothly and quick communication - glad to leave him his first trade feedback.

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    Masterfett hooked me up with an elusive MU Captain America.

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    This fellow scummer when above and beyond and send my extra BAD parts today! Thank you so much! A+ Trader here guys!

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    Just got Shawn's (Masterfett's) end of our latest trade in the post today. All items were in mint condition and packed better than Hasbro could do. Communication at every stage was excellent. You can trade with this man with complete confidence.
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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    Nice easy trade with MF. We swapped some droid parts and it all went smoothe and straightforward. He was a pleasure to deal with and can certainly be relied upon in my expereince. Thanks Shawn!

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    I just completed my first transaction w/ Shawn. It was a flawless deal. Fast payment and great communication. Enjoy your figures.

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    Just completed my first transaction with Shawn. Excellent all the way around. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Terrific Scummer!

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    Just bought some figures. Got them VERY fast and in wonderful condition! Thanks so much for helping me out!
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    Feedback Thread!:

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    Re: Masterfett feedback

    I just finished a transaction with MasterFett and it was A+++++++++++++ all across the board.
    Hope to do buisness with him again soon.
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