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Thread: MATTEL - Hotwheels

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    MATTEL - Hotwheels

    I have lots of inside tips on what to look for and where to look for it.

    I know alot of the HW's guys creep over into the SW's isles sometimes and vice versa.

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    Re: Anyone want/need inside info on 2007 Hotwheel

    ok since it doesn't seem like anyone is going to reply I'll just post the info and you can do with as you please.

    First big thing you should know about is a limited one month release which is a Walmart exclusive. There are several things that make this appealing to HW collectors besides the fact that it's a limited release exclusive to Walmart the cards are Red instead of your normal blue, There are only 25 cars in the set but putting a set together is kinda hard seeing as how there are 3 or 4 cars showing up on the red cards that have yet to be released on the regular blue cards and with the 2007 line already hitting collectors are clammering to get these last few cars for their 2006 sets.

    Now on to the big news of 2007 and that's the release of the "SUPER" Treasure Hunt yes you heard me "SUPER" Treasure Hunt.

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font>
    If you thought the hunt for buried treasure was tough before, think again. In addition to subtle packaging changes, this new Treasure Hunt series is divided into two tiers to make it harder to determine which ones are the “super” Treasure Hunts™ cars and which ones are not. Plus we want to make the “super” models highly collectible so we’re producing them in very low quantities with Real Riders® wheels. The regular Treasure Hunts™ cars will be nearly identical, but with a few exceptions: one being one-piece wheels.


    You all know hot hard to find a regular TH is so you can only imagine how HTF the "SUPER" Treasure Hunts will be. The Super Treasure Hunts are highly desired because of the Real Rider wheels and for those of you who don't know the difference your standard HW's car comes with a one piece plastic wheel but a Real Rider wheel is made of actual rubber therefore giving the car a more realistic look and feel.

    Last but not least you have a new concept that Hot Wheels is trying for the first time and that is the Myster Car Set.

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font>
    Mystery™ Car Series
    Everything’s a surprise with this all-new segment. Each car will be packaged in a blacked-out blister, so you’ll have no idea what’s inside without opening it up. Go ahead! Weigh it. Shake it. Just TRY to figure it out.


    From what I understand there may even be a limited number of Treasure Hunts inserted into this set but it hasn't been 100% confirmed as of yet.

    If anyone has further question as what to look for just let me know.

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    Re: Anyone want/need inside info on 2007 Hotwheel

    hot wheels are not popular here, and i dont think any star wars fans ever creep over to the hot wheels section, and usually when the hot wheels guys creep to the star wars section its to buy figures to sell to us for more later on.

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    Re: Anyone want/need inside info on 2007 Hotwheel

    Hey BigDog thanks for the great info! Now let me share some tips with you...
    Neimoidans are going for insane money in collector circles, grab up all the Greatest Battles and Heros and Villains you can find, and if you can lay your hands to any left over choppers, those are like finding pure gold in the aisle.

    Were you looking for a response along those lines?

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    Re: Anyone want/need inside info on 2007 Hotwheel

    Naw, it's not Nemodians this season... it's those damn choppers. Selling like hotcakes on the Chinese market. BIG TIME INVESTMENT!!! Please paypal lots of money and I will clear out my WalMart and send them to ya.

    Mike aka Sarge
    My name is Mike and I approve this message.

    "A great warrior, you say? Wars do not make one great!" Master Yoda, TESB

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    Re: Anyone want/need inside info on 2007 Hotwheel

    Trust me GNT the blacked out blister so far has been the biggest mistake Mattel has ever made with HW's. People are ripping them open in the stores to see if there is anything good inside and either just taking the cars or leaving the blisters hanging half way off the card with the car hanging out of it.

    I do think in hindsight it was probably a good idea on paper but thus far it's been a disaster when it was actually put into action.

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    Re: Hotwheels 2007

    I totally agree with you but I'm guessing cost measures factor into that. If they want to keep the price at $1 or just a few cents above that there isn't really much they can do from that stand point.

    They are already losing so much business to Jada aka Dub City diecast cars I'm not sure they could afford a price increase. The reason they sell as much as they do is because it's cost effective but even with that low cost right now more and more people are still going to the $2.99 - $3.99 stuff because it's better quality and detail.

    The Hot Wheels division needs a serious overahaul badly.

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    Re: Hotwheels 2007

    Really the cars are getting opened and snaked!! Hmm like you said, a good promotion on paper gone horribly bad! The whole super Treasure Hunt thing also sounds like a bad idea. Those things are impossible to find! Hasbro better never do that with Star Wars, it'll be all hell breaking loose!!!
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