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Thread: The little things that made you happy today

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    Wife is getting a lot better after a surgery she had last week.

    It's a 3 day weekend (though I've taken off the last two weeks to care for wife).
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    What makes me happy any day is getting involved with one of my hobbies

    Especially Revell car models or putting together a 1000 piece Star Wars puzzle every hour or so each day. my 1000 piece star wars puzzle though itll take me all month to put together

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    Got wife ticket to Hamilton for birthday. Then following week she won ticket lottery to see play again. Plus got a front row seat,then got program autographed by most of cast. Very good couple of days for her.

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    Also I got to meet Coach Mike Martin from Florida State baseball before he retired. Got to talk with him ,plus signed baseball and picture with him. Great time with a baseball legend.

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    Reading others posts in "Nuts " thread and knowing I'm not only one that gets *icked over.

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    I live for my kids and there's at least half a dozen things I could post about them every day in here. However, there's other parenting moments--ones involving their friends--that I also feel pretty great about. I've had the fortune (and misfortune) of having several of those over the last week or so. A lot of times when some of these occur, they're actually kind of bittersweet. I like the fact that I'm able to help, support, mentor, comfort or just be there in some other way for these kids. At the same time, it saddens me a bit that in a few of these instances, these kids are having to rely on me for things their own parents should be doing. One example is the other night when my one daughter's friend was in tears over a boy situation (nothing serious, at least to an adult, but earth-shattering to a teenage girl). I didn't do much other than listen and let her vent, but she told me several times that she could never talk to her mom about it. The same girl has told me several times that I'm her favorite mom and got me a card for Father's Day. Another experience this week was a little more stressful. Without getting into too much detail, I'll say that one of their friends had made some really bad choices. I stopped him from making a far worse choice. In the heat of things, he was furious with me. The next morning, though, several people thanked me for stepping in, including a few of the kids involved. It wasn't pleasant but it was the sort of thing I pray someone would do for my kids in the same situation. The kicker was earlier tonight when my older daughters were talking with their friends, trying to make plans for next weekend. They all talked as though it was a given that I would be taking them. I asked whether they were going to ask any of the other parents. They all looked at me like I was crazy and said that would be really awkward. I asked, "But it wouldn't be awkward if I was along?" They all said no, that they like having me around, and that I'm the cool dad. It made me feel pretty good. Being the "cool dad" is never my goal; I just try to be a good dad. Considering how often I've told these kids no, heard how I've ruined their plans, etc., it was nice to see that they don't equate leniency or being a pushover with being a good or cool parent. They said that they like having me around because I talk to them, I'm not judgmental, I listen to their problems, don't put them down, and I don't act like doing things with them is a chore. I've had adults complement me on my parenting and my relationship with my kids, but it's completely different when you hear it from your kids and their friends.

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    Here's something people should learn from. My parents always taught me not to judge anyone. My family of 6 (my wife, myself, 7, 6, 2.5, and 5 months) pull off the highway 3 hours from home... car trouble.

    We get food and sit outside at the Wawa gas station letting the car cool down while I check what I can. A older man in a broke down truck, scraggly beard, eyes pointing in opposite directions asks what's up? I politely tell him what was going on and he proceeds to tell me a few stories about things that have happened to him and then continues rambling a bit about family and such. I finally decide that he may not be 'all there' and politely say 'thanks but we'll be fine' to his suggestions.

    Shaye is his name (wherever you are... Shaye is a guardian angel name to us now). Last thing he says is that he was a mechanic for 20 years... not sure why he didn't start with that? I immediately ask 'do you want to HEAR what it is doing?' I've been describing it ....badly. Let's just say I'm not a car guy... I know basics. He steps out of his car, all 5'4 of him, dirty overalls... tells me to fire it up and immediately assesses what is wrong. AC compressor is burning up and causing all the sudden noise. We turn off the AC and the van purrrrrrrrs like a kitten.

    A few moments of kindness from someone we don't know complemented with a dash of patience and some quality parenting on my end results in a nice moment when we get to sleep in our own beds that night (albeit after a warm final few hours... but it was evening so not that bad). I was assuming the worst and while it'll probably be a lot of money to fix ... Shout out to Hillsborough, NC!! There were at least 2 other people that asked if we needed help before we finally pulled out (had to finish eating... Shaye resolved things too fast).
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    My wife, daughter, and I spent like 3 hours in our back yard today in our inflatable pool and a slip and slide.
    Ate grapes, strawberries, peaches, and other snacks and drinks.
    Summer break is going well!
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    Went to run errands this morning with my wife and the roads were pretty empty, so got to open the Challenger up on certain stretches. Also have been working a ton of OT the last couple weeks so just being off on a weekend and enjoying it with her, taking a nap and cleaning up around the house was far more enjoyable than it has been in some time .

    Also got my SDCC Boba Fett Black Series figure today and that made me very happy!
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    Lightsaber Safety 101
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