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Thread: The IKEA display thread

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    I've gone through two previous display cases for my collectible pieces. I was staying cheap at first but after seeing a few of my friends' with the glass cases with the overhead light, I knew I wanted to find something nicer like that. I ended up going through a customize display manufacturer called Tecno Display. I got a decent deal for one of the LED lit wall display cases. It has worked out really well and has tempered glass which is really nice. I've had for almost 4 years now? It's still in good condition. I recommend looking into it. their website is at hrrps://

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex_Miller View Post
    Interesting....they appear stackable. Might make a nice penthouse atop a Detolf, though at 24 x 24 x 24 cm they won't hold very much.
    Yeah, maybe good for a small display with a couple of figures.
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    Just picked this up on Sunday (Milsbo/$199)

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    Beautiful display case! Now fill that sucker with SW love!

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    The Principal

    Do you have dimensions by any chance?

    Not an IKEA fan but for that price I would consider one

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    Check Ikea website...they may even have one you like more.
    Quote Originally Posted by cichlidjedi View Post
    The Principal

    Do you have dimensions by any chance?

    Not an IKEA fan but for that price I would consider one

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    I have seen the Detolf in person. It's much bigger than it sounds. Echo Base in Orlando have a few of these filled with vintage pieces. They look pretty cool. I think I'm going to buy 3 of them. I'm about 1.5 hour drive away from Ikea.
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