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Thread: Custom Commissions Sales and Requests

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    hey all, looking to cost out some custom 3.75in figures for a wedding in May. looking for someone who can make custom head-sculpts although if anyone has a detailed knowledge of 3.75in figures, drop me a PM 'cause the task can always be accomplished by a ton of kit-bashing.

    also looking for someone who can make custom packaging, preferably POTF2.

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    I am looking for a lot of helmets and backpacks to use on my 6" figures

    Anyone creating or selling please pm me


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    I hope this thread isn’t dead As I would very much like a vintage style Slave Leia. I was thinking Funko’s Rocky Horror Janet for torso and arms, unsure of legs and head, fabric skirt and hair (I can do the hair myself if need be) happy to supply any figures and pay for the time. Any interest? PM me, thanks in advance
    W(3.75" SA) Adi Gallia, Ann/Tann, Tonnika Twins, Momaw Nadon, Leia (hood up/down), Leia (Bespin Escape), Lando (Bespin), Lobot, EV-9D9, 8-D8, Leia (Ewok Village), Saelt Marae, Tessek, Ishi-Tib, Grummgar, Bazine, ME-8D9, Leia (General), PZ-4CO, GA-97, Lt Connix, VA Holdo, Rey (training), K-2SO, K-0HN, G2-1B7 (3.75" 5POA) Lars Gonk Droid, Mon Mothma

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    Anyone out there that does or can recommend custom 3.75" face painting? I'm not looking for exquisite multi-layer washes and dry-brushes, just solid Legacy Collection or TVC-level quality. Glassman has done great work in the past but the guy is working through some stuff right now.

    Any input appreciated!

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    If anyone is interested in printing me out some of those 3D droids name Your price!

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    Did anyone make custom rebel pilot helmets for 1/6 figures? I so need an A-wing, B-Wing and Y-wing helmet.

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    Please send a private message if you are interested;

    I am looking for a very specific custom job; taking TVC Luke Skywalker (Crait) and removing his plastic robe and hood to give him a film accurate robe with a stitched down hood. With that, a quality repaint of his face, and taking his right hand and painting it to look like his mechanical hand. Thank you!

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