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Thread: The Comprehensive POTF, Droids & Ewoks Coin Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TepaBountyHunter View Post

    Very informative! I never imagined there were so many coins some of which are super rare.


    Yeah some are really cool

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    I have finally saved enough to buy my grail.... sooo... anyone have a 62 coin set for sale or know someone or somewhere reputable to go through? Please pm me or email me at no payment plan... no hassle... just want my grail. Thanks fellas!

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    Have you guys seen what the AFA 90 Tatooine Skiff coin recently went for on ebay?


    AFA 90 seems to be a pretty hard grade to achieve, and the Tat Skiff doesn't seem to come up for auction but every year or two in ANY condition.

    How many folks here even have one? I have one acquired from Australia back in the late 90's and it's probably one of my favorite items, along with my sealed dead Mint skiff.

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    USD4200 is too expensive. I check the ebay link and found that it has been sold.
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    What do Cat V’s go for now a days? So out of the loops
    Trade Feedback

    Looking for any type of Snaggletooth prototypes- New or vintage!!!

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