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Thread: The Comprehensive POTF, Droids & Ewoks Coin Thread

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    Re: The Comprehensive POTF, Droids & Ewoks Coin Th

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudCity_Gangzr
    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi534
    Are the Droids & Ewoks coins Gold and Bronze plated? Meaning, they are Silver in color underneath? Thanks in Advance.
    Yes, they were dyed/anodized.

    Thank you!
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    Hello to all the coin collectors,

    I see this was a thread started for Kenner coin facts. I recently started collecting again and tried to track down the unproduced coins, especially with the recent big find. A lot of these were without TM which was something I had not concentrated on before.

    This rekindled interest made me revisit the original 62 POTF coins to see if there was any other details that often get overlooked in the common popular collections. I did find that Wicket is the only produced POTF coin that does not have TM after the 'May the Force be with you' on the reverse of the coin.
    Also that only four of the coins with a 1984 licence have a dot after the year on the face of the coin and these are Anakin, A-Wing Pilot, Luke Endor and Sail Skiff. This dot between the year and LFL is prevalent on the 1985 coins.

    Has everyone else noticed this or is it a new piece of trivia?

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    Hopefully this is the right place to ask. I searched but I couldn't find a definitive answer. I was wondering if anyone knows of a successful way to polish or clean POTF coins? Or should I just leave them be?

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    Is this a rare last 17 and as such worth a lot? see pic.

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    Hey fellas... can anyone who knows Droids coins tell me how I did with this recent lot I grabbed. everywhere I looked and added up values I cleaned house but injust don't know if infound the correct values in the first place... scares me cuz I feel the lot should have fetched a lot more... lease lmk... I am just starting to pit a full set of coins together... all I have is this lot and both bobs coins... potf and Droids. lmk please... I'm gonna ramp up my efforts around march... gonna go fpr cheapies first but would rather get lots to keep the expense down.

    thanks fellas

    Item number

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    Hello tweekem,

    A good collection of 10 coins with 8 still on card backs. I wouldn't be concerned over the bargain price as Droids/Ewoks produced coins are not in high demand by POTF coin collectors; only Boba and to some degree the A Wing pilot Droid coins have a heftier price tag due to their lack of availability.
    These coins should be mint condition and are still carded, that is where you have prospered from a collectors perspective. If I needed to replace these coins it wouldn't cost more than 20 USD each.

    Keep collecting!

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    Wow... thanks bud. I'm totally enthralled with the pic you posted... extremely nice collection! Can u tell me how to spot fakes? that is my biggest concern... also.. where can I get that coin holder poster type thing u have your coins in? been looking a lot with no results... im gonna complete my set for sure... maybe not all the variants but one of every produced coin for sure.. then if I like it enough I may go for un produced then variants... I am tired o most of my current collection so know the funds will be there as I sell so...

    Thanks again... I really appreciate any advice u can give me.

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    Wow... I didn't notice how many grammar errors I had in my first post... wife took the laptop in the separation so all I have is my surface and I can't turn off the spell check/word insert thing.. the only coins I have are both Bobas and amanaman. one last question for today.. how many Droids coins were there.. produced and un produced. Same with the Star Wars vintage coins. I want to make a checklist of all produced and a separate one for unproduced. To be honest I don't know why the coin bug bit me... I got every single TAC coin when those come out a few years back.. then I picked up the Droids boba then the cat 5 boba. Amanaman I grabbed for giggles n now I must have em all.

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    Hello again,

    There are two easy reference guides for identifying the coins; follow these links.
    The Comprehensive Guide to POTF, Droids, and Ewoks Coins
    Coining A Galaxy - A Guide to Kenner's Star Wars POTF, EWOKS & DROIDS Coins
    Metal fakes are rare and usually not up to scratch with production coins. Go with the weight and check for a line on the ridges for white metal repro's. This thread has info on thick thin coins at the start. Casts from molds taken from originals are used for recards and these are resin. Once you get into prototypes get it it authenticated if in doubt. Custom frames are difficult to get hold of but there is no reason you cannot make one or ask a framer to do it for you.
    PM with any other questions but the guides should give a wealth of info.

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    Hello ,

    I have spent the past week looking for coins that I don't have and checking the guides. I had difficulty tracking pictures for all of the Lando Rebel General variations but there is supposed to be 5 coins? I looked in my own collection and noticed that there is variations with the silver coins that is associated with the carded figure.

    I found that the main differences are the positioning of Rebel General moves from left to right when comparing a prototype to the production coin. There is also a silver coin with much better defined stars similar to a prototype but with more of them and the Rebel General is also further to the left than the production coin.

    This is what I think is the 5 different coins. TOP: Bronze, Frosted & Production (smooth finish). BTM: Star variation & Production (rough finish).

    Here is the two coins that look similar to all carded coins. The coin on the right has extra stars and Rebel General is further to the left than normal. The coin on the left has exactly the same detail as a normal coin but the finish is coarser and detail like Lando's wrinkles on his brow are hidden.

    The coin that is a true variation that I have not been able to find any info on. The stars are better defined. There is an extra star beneath the L on Lando which is not on the prototypes either. There is also an extra 2 stars beneath the left hand star under the Falcon and Landos shoulder lines up with the start of the letter E and not the end of the letter E on Rebel; the spacing between Rebel and General is also different compared to a production coin.

    Has anyone any knowledge on this coin as it is difficult to find any details on it. Feedback needed!

    My guess is that it is an early coin like the other prototypes but Kenner got rid of the extra stars from the molds and were still playing about with the position of the Rebel General for aesthetics prior to production.


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