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Thread: FS: Trilogo General Madine MOC AFA 75 (85/75/85)

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    FS: Trilogo General Madine MOC AFA 75 (85/75/85)

    Yes - you read the title correctly. I have decided to sell my Trilogo General Madine MOC - it was AFA graded 75 with subgrades of card 85, bubble 75 and figure 85. It is punched, but it does NOT have one of those obnoxious yellow trilogo stickers on it. This is largely considered the rarest trilogo figure. If you're truly interested, I have pictures available upon request - email me at or send me a private message in here. Send me a ballpark offer on the item - I will of course send pictures. Card and figure both look great (both were graded 85s). The bubble has the denting and some wrinkling near the top of it - hence the 75. It looks really nice, though. I would post pictures on here, but don't know how to host pictures on this site (and I don't have my own website)...

    I'm looking for around $3500 but it all depends on the offers - sometimes I've had offers on previous figures above asking price and others below...

    Dallas, TX

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    Re: FS: Trilogo General Madine MOC AFA 75 (85/75/8

    Rob, as per the forum rules you need to state a price for your item and cannot take offers. Please add a price to your listing.
    Shane Turgeon
    Author: The Force in the Flesh

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