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Thread: Welcome to the AFA Discussion Forum!

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    Welcome to the AFA Discussion Forum!

    In light of AFA's ever increasing presence in our hobby, and the increasing number of posts regarding AFA and graded toys here on the boards, we have created this forum dedicated to AFA discussion for both vintage and modern collectibles.

    No more digging through long, previously stickied vintage AFA discussion threads or wondering what modern forum to post modern AFA related questions - this here is your one stop forum to discuss AFA however you see fit!

    The previous AFA threads from the vintage section have been moved here and archived for reference sake but they have been locked to help stimulate new discussion.

    ***************************Addendum by Mike Mensinger***************************
    For collectors that wish to engage in discussion and debates related to the merits of professional grading in the toy hobby, we ask that you do so in the "Official" AFA Debate thread, a sticky thread designed specifically for this topic.
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    I am trying to find fellow Star Wars modern AFA graded collectors close to me in Illinois, I would like to make a post about this, but I am unsure of where I should, I would like to eventually trade/sell some of my AFA stuff.

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    I've never sent something to be graded (and only own one item that is graded), so I have some questions which are not cleared up at all by AFA's website.

    I have a 1994 Power Rangers figure, which I had signed in-person by the actor who played that character, and I'm interested in a case for it. Originally I was just going to buy a generic acrylic case, but with what I'm finding it will cost, it may be worth the few extra dollars to have it graded as well. I'm finding it would cost about $40 (plus shipping) to have a custom case made for the figure, because it measures 12"x8"x1.5".

    I know AFA caps you at 70 for signed items (which would probably be a 5-to-10-point deduction in this case), but I do have a photo of the item, the actor, and myself. I assume they won't take that as proof.

    AFA doesn't seem to have a clarification of what makes an "oversized" action figure on their site, so I can't tell if this would be one or not.

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    Ponatu771, your are correct that they won't authenticate the autograph even with the documentation you have. I suspect this will be considered any oversized action figure since it isn't sized like a Star Wars carded figure or GI Joe figure. You may want to call them for clarification on that though. Hope this helps.

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    Its called Qualified grading where they do not recognize the authenticity of the signature But it won't count against the final grade. Costs a bit more and you get a certificate about the signature etc not being used against you as a defect. I've done it dozens of times. Email AFA and ask .

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    Hello guys, hope some one have an aswer for this situation: I have a vintage IG88 that even if is graded, the weapons are loose inside the case, also, a Boba Fett HK that "moves" inside the case...does AFA correct that? If so, do they de-graded them? What about the price for doing that?
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