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Thread: Official Titanium, AF, & MM Sale & Trade Thread

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    As per forum rules you need to post a price for each item you are selling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    As per forum rules you need to post a price for each item you are selling
    There's the rub - I am not entirely sure how to price them. Do you have a recommendation for a price guide I could check to determine a fair market value? eBay is an unreliable guide at best, and my usual source ( has sparse or non-existent prices for each item.

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    Hey man. Glad to see you made it here.

    I'd check ebay's SOLD auctions and estimate from there. Loose is less obviously. And you may prefer to sell in bulk. But adding "from a smoke-free home" or "pet-free" can help. I'd also add how you displayed, played, or stored them. Direct sunlight can tarnish the plastic, and if they are played with, then that makes them less desirable.

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    Greetings......after many years since I stopped collecting the Titanium Diecast line I have just completed inventory. I have all vehicles/ships with many dupes (that potentially could be traded) save one......the
    AT-ST Wave 3 (2008). The one with Baron Fel, Hot Dog, Mace and Royal Cruiser. If anyone has this for trade or sale please reply......
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    FS - Loose Galoob Action Fleets and Playsets (1990s)

    Quote Originally Posted by ChewBobcca View Post
    Hello Captains,

    I am getting ready for a big move and after serious consideration have decided to part with most of my Action Fleet and MM collection. I thought this group would be the best place to offer them up for sale first. I'll start with the action fleets, and I'll post the MM playsets once I have a chance to get some photos, etc.

    All ships and figures are out-of-box unless otherwise specified. Here are the photos I have:

    I am open to all offers - reply here or DM me!

    I have the following Action Fleets for sale:
    - Alpha Series Imperial Lambda Shuttle
    - AT-AT
    - Boba Fett's Slave 1
    - Cloud Car
    - Jabba's Sail Barge
    - Rancor
    - Rebel Blockade Runner
    - Snowspeeder
    - T-16 Skyhopper
    - TIE Bomber
    - TIE Interceptor (Dark Blue)
    - TIE Interceptor (Light Blue)
    - Virago
    - X-Wing (Red Five)
    - Y-Wing (Gold Leader)

    Electronic Action Fleets:
    - Electronic AT-AT (Kaybee Toys Exclusive)
    - Flight Controller Darth Vader's TIE Fighter

    - Death Star Transforming Playset
    - Hoth Rebel Base Transforming Playset

    In Box:
    - X-Wing (Red Two)
    - TIE Fighter

    I have some of the Battle Packs as well (all loose) if folks are looking for those. I will post a list once I have it compiled.

    Happy collecting, and MTFBWY!
    Hello all,

    I've updated the listing with prices. For some additional details, all items have some play wear, and they were displayed on shelves (but not in direct sunlight). Here's a table of prices:

    AT-AT 1995 $15.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    Boba Fett’s Slave 1 1996 $22.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    Cloud Car 1997 $18.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    Electronic AT-AT 1997 $30.00 Available Kaybee Toys exclusive, Fully armed and operational (AA batteries not included)
    Imperial Shuttle - Alpha Series 1996 $16.00 Available Missing blueprints; play wear; smoke-free home
    Jabba’s Sail Barge 1998 $30.00 Available Missing R2-D2 with drinks; Play wear
    Rancor 1996 $19.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    Rebel Blockade Runner 1997 $25.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    Snowspeeder 1995 $17.00 Avaliable Play wear; smoke-free home
    T-16 Skyhopper 1997 $22.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    TIE Bomber 1997 $21.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    TIE Fighter 1996 $30.00 Available NIB; smoke-free home
    TIE Interceptor (dark blue) 1996 $24.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    TIE Interceptor (light blue) 1996 $17.00 Available Missing "George Lucas" pilot - replaced with a stand-in; play wear; smoke-free home
    Virago 1997 $13.00 Available Play wear; smoke-free home
    X-Wing 1995 $10.00 Available Play wear; Broken cannon - extra piece
    X-Wing (Red Two) $30.00 SOLD NIB; smoke-free home
    Y-Wing 1995 $21.00 Available Play wear; Tall canopy
    Death Star Playset 1996 $35.00 Available Darth Vader missing helmet; one broken peg, missing 1 dart; smoke-free home; play wear
    Hoth Playset 1996 $22.00 Available Play wear; complete; smoke free home

    Photos can be found here:

    I welcome all offers. Will price at $380 for anyone interested in buying it all as a lot (and I'd throw in the Battle Packs I have, too).


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    Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm looking for 9 titanium stands. I need them for the following:

    Red 3 X-wing (Galoob)
    Reds 1-5 X-wing (movable wings)
    Green Y-wing
    Red Y-wing (battle damage, paint job same as Action Fleet Y-wing)
    Gold Leader Y-wing

    Doesn't have to be the exact stands that go to those ships. Just listing the ships so you can get an idea. I just need the stands to fit pretty securely.


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