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Thread: Official Titanium, AF, & MM Sale & Trade Thread

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    Re: *official* Titanium, AF, & MM Trade Thread

    I have Titanium Series Boba Fett and Darth Vader for $35 shipped. Message me if interested. Here or vaderschariot AT

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Bryan
    Quote Originally Posted by Darktrooper7
    I asked if this could be made a sticky at the top...we will see wat happens i guess
    I don't see any problem with that.

    PM me if you have any Galoob Micro Machines/ Action Fleet Prototypes/First Shots for sale

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    i need a star destroyer and at-rt...check my sig for trade list (its not complete bc i was editing it and my computer froze up so its all messed up now but ill be fixing it tonight)
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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    I think this goes here

    I have several MicroMachines I am wanting to trade for Unleashed.Here are pics of what I have

    These are the Unleashed Im interested in

    Grievous - Loose
    Mace Windu - Loose
    IG-88 - Loose
    Aurra Sing - Loose
    Dooku/Tyranus - Loose
    Padme - MOC
    Anakin from AOTC - MOC
    Jedi Luke - MOC or loose
    Leia - Loose
    Sidious - MOC or Loose
    Red Clone Trooper - Loose
    Yoda or Maul - probably pushing it there

    Please PM me if anyone is interested.Hope to trade.Thanks for your time.

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    I've decided I want to get some Action Fleet to display with my Titaniums.

    If anyone has some AF they wanna get rid of, pm me or email me. Looking to buy in larger lots if possible? And I don't care about them being in a box cause i'll open it anyways. I don't even care if its complete with the figs.... Just lmk via PM or Email!!! Thanks!

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    Just bumping. Interested in some action fleet.... I do not need the following:

    xwing, snowspeeder, atat, slave 1, darths tie, sandcrawler, republic ship thing (from ep1), tie interceptor, tie fighter. Need all others, so please contact me and let me know what u want to sell to me. Thanks.

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    Just got interested in the Titanium line.

    I am in need of a Star Destroyer and a Wave 1 Millennium Falcon. Let me know if anyone has one they would be willing to trade/sell and hopefully we can work something out.

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    i have 2 star destroyers and 2 yellow jedi starfighters for trade........check my sig for trade list, thanks.
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    Xbox Live Gamertag : Drakula Reborn

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    Ive never traded anything before but my feedback for ebay is 116 postive feedback at 100%. Which is mostly for Star Wars action fleets. I will of course combine what i have or add money but it must be paid through paypal. If your interested please PM. I live in the UK (just so thst you know)

    What i would like to trade for is the following:

    Action fleet Episode 1 loose/complete or boxed;
    Royal Starship
    Trade Federation Drod Control Ship
    ATT (not electronic)

    Action fleet Episode1 Series Alpha
    Droid Fighter
    Royal Starship
    Naboo Starfighter
    Sith Infiltrator

    This is what i have to trade:

    Unleased Luke Skywalker Jedi loose

    Action Fleet Episode 1 boxeed/complete
    Naboo Starfighter
    Droid Fighter
    Sebulba's Podracer
    Anakins's Podracer
    Gian Speeder and Theed Sneek Preview
    Flash Speeder
    Republic Criuser

    Titanium Obi-wan blue Jedi Starfighter

    Legends of Star Trek Loose/complete
    Series One
    Series Two
    Series Three

    Tomy Star Wars Dioramas Loose/complete with instuctions
    Boba Fett
    Plo Koons Jedi Starfighter
    Millenium Falcon

    ROTS Action Figures Loose/complete;
    Obi-Wan #1
    Anakin Skywalker #2
    Yoda #3
    R2-D2 #7
    Darth Vader #11
    Emperor Palpatine #12
    General Grievous #36:
    Plo Koon #16
    C-3PO #18
    Agen Kolar #20
    Shaak-Ti #21
    Saesee Tin #30
    Luminara Unduli #3
    General Grievous Sneek Preview

    Graphic Novels
    Star Wars Tales 1,3,4 and 5

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    Re: *official* Titanium Trade Thread

    Here is the list of Action Fleet I am looking for. Must include stand and figures, and I prefer them to be loose.


    __ Skyhopper w/ Luke Skywalker & Biggs Darklighter
    __ Xizor's Battlewing w/ Xizor & Guri

    Episode 1:
    __ Anakin's Podracer with Anakin Skywalker
    __ Naboo Fighter with Anakin Skywalker
    __ Sith Infiltrator with Darth Maul
    __ Trade Federation Droid Control Ship with Neimoidian Commander
    __ Trade Federation Landing Ship with Battle Droid
    __ Trade Federation Tank with Battle Droid

    Battle Packs:

    __ Battle Pack #5: Shadows of the Empire; includes two Swoops
    Dash Rendar
    Prince Xizor

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