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Thread: Walmart Figure Playset

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    After seeing this thread I dug around Amazon and noticed they currently have a mountain diorama piece (more like a rocky cliff) that may work OK for 3 3/4" figures. Curious if anyone here has it and how it looks with action figures.

    On a similar topic I did pick up the Game of Thrones "The Wall" playset at TRU for $16. Planning on throwing some Hoth figures on it for display.
    Link to the Amazon dio? Thanks
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but thought you scum might like to see this recent test shot of the Tim Mee Toys STAR ATTACK BATTLE STATION:

    I've been working on building an email list to see if there's enough interest in a reissue, despite the hefty price tag in 2019:

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    I'm definitely interested. Keep us posted.

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