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Thread: Jack_Victory's Feedback

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    Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    Hey everybody, I just want to thank you in advance for helping me establish a solid track record here at RebelScum. Please feel free to post feedback on any transaction I am involved in. Take care!
    My Collection Pics!! Feedback:

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    Chris has purchased several high end items from me... including Master Replicas and Gentle Giant items. Each transaction include swift payment, great communication and notification when the items arrived. I would highly recommmend Chris for any transaction buy, trade or sell...

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    I recently sold some Koto's to Chris. Pleasant experience for sure!! Thanks for the great communication and quick payment.
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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    Just had a very successful transaction w/ Jack_Victory. Very quick payment for an item he bought from me. Great communication.


    aka Chris Anderson

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    pmed me and sent payment within minutes. he is reliable and a very nice guy!

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    Chris is a great guy to deal with.

    I sold a Koto and GG mini-bust to him recently. Our communication went great and he sent a very quick payment and he let me know when everything arrived fine.

    I'd definitely recommend him. Thanks!

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    a+ guy here.

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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback


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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    As if there weren't enough good things to say about Chris, he's an excellent guy to deal with. Great communicator and very patient. I recommend him highly.
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    Re: Jack_Victory\'s Feedback

    Another Fast payment, thanks Chris.

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