I know it’s been a while since they’ve aired, but Im getting ready to begin some CW Jedi Starfighter customs & I had a question about whether we saw some Jedi w/a Starfighter or not. Please correct me if I’m wrong with the following list and please help me fill in any missing blanks:

*Saesee Tiin—(same design as Aayla’s, only difference being color swaps—i.e. green in place of red/maroon, etc), as seen in the (final?) Citidel episode.
*Even Piell—Am I dreaming or did we see him in a brown & white/cream insignificant design?
*Aayla Secura—Any vehicle?
*Adi Galia—(design slightly similar to Plo Koon ‘diagnal stripes’ but in dark red) I believe was also in the Citidel episode
*Ki-Adi-Mundi—Nearly positive he too was in the Citidel rescue. Yes? No?