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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - SAGA Edition!

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    Went to a vintage Toy museum here in Maine over the weekend. Very cool place. Picked up a Saga2 Commander Cody whilst there. I sold mine in the great modern figure purge of whatever year I did that. Keeping this one carded. I love the look of this Cody and Scorch on the cards, mostly because they were so inhumanly impossible to find in 2006.
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    Went back and picked up a 442nd Clone Trooper.

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    Picked up 2 AT-AT Driver figures within the past week at a local collectible shop. I got them for the big AT-AT. I compared them, it looks like they are basically the same figure as the one included with the AT-AT. The ones I got include a blaster, a date stamp on the underside of the foot, and have a red mark on the back of the helmet. The one with the AT-AT has none of that. Besides those, its the same articulation.

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    Greetings, Earthlings......

    Many moons have passed since I last posted.......I have a general question about one of my 2006 Saga Collection Action Figures. I purchased from Ebay a long time ago a Mof Jerjerrod action figure but did not receive the desired character. In essence, an error pack. Instead, I received Admiral Ozzel in the Mof Jerjerrod package/blister. I did not notice this until recently when doing inventory. Anyone with any information please reply. Thanx much!
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