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Thread: Online Stores

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    Online Stores

    I thought it might be handy for people who are shopping around through different online stores for collectibles if we made a nice list to reference of lots of different stores. I thought of this because I keep hearing about different stores everyday on the boards, and I was wondering how many I still don't know of, and how many other people have the same problem.
    So here are several that I do know:

    (Edited by Philip)

    Of course, we have to start with the official Star Wars Shop link:

    Star Wars Shop

    The following companies support Rebelscum and have an excellent track record for customer service. Please patronize them when possible.

    Entertainment Earth
    Toy Palace
    Action HQ
    Collectors Gallery

    These are links you may also find helpful:

    Action Figure Express
    Alliance Collectibles
    Alter Ego
    Amok Time
    Big Bad Toy Store
    Big Time Comics
    Dark Shadow Collectibles
    Federation Toys
    Fireside Collectibles
    Killer Toys
    Most Wanted Collectibles
    New Force Comics
    Northside Collectibles
    Razor's Edge Collectibles
    Tales of Wonder
    The Saber Vault
    Things from Another World
    Toy Maniacs

    Deep Discount DVD

    EDIT: Thought I'd add all the new ones to this list to make it easy and accessible for everybody


    NOTE from Philip: No company may remain on this list if they have unresolved customer service issues. Please advise if issues are known or found.

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    Re: Online Stores

    I'll add:
    Most Wanted Collectibles (Most Wanted
    Big Bad Toy Store (

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    Re: Online Stores

    There is also:
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    Re: Online Stores

    theres also Federation Toys and OMGCNFO
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    Re: Online Stores

    Need: Blackhole Stormtrooper Bustups

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    Re: Online Stores

    My Feedback
    Looking for: AOTC Red clone & Vader ESB busts.

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    Re: Online Stores

    thanks for all of those, fellas! And sorry about the lack of links at the top, but that was the only one that I could get to work properly. Weird.


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