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    Food Premiums Section

    We have just added this section for discussions on promotional Star Wars food items. Over time we will transfer in threads from outside this section. In the meantime could you please post links to any food threas you know about so we can find them?

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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    An excelent idea.
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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    Check this Dutch food-premium collector's items:
    His site:
    His pics:


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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    Thanks for mentioning my site...
    Actually after Yahoo closed all photo-sites -including mine mentioned above- i was a bit lazy to transfer them to a new site.
    However... now i have started to transfer them to Starwarsholland Pic Page and have added the new Clone Wars Kelloggs , Chips and drink from Europe and USA foods to the photosite.
    It will be fully operational soon!

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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    This post is an acquisition....picked up BK bobbleheads Luke/X-wing and Stormie/AT-AT at a Savers store today for $2 to fill in a couple holes in my collection.
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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    Picked this up from a friend that works at the Taco Bell corp office
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    Re: Food Premiums Section

    Great to see this as a section- long time coming!

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