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    I don't know which chain but the toys are going to be either lightsabers,holocrons,planet globes,friendship bracelets, or message bags. Did a survey earlier and those were the options. Lightsabers are kinda cool and have different hilts. No TFA products were shown though. You didn't hear it from me
    and according to the commercials, it's Subway with these toys

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    They really need to continue the tradition of exclusive figures available through cereal boxes. Those were the coolest.

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    First RO stuff is hitting Canada this week... Swiss Chalet has 4 plastic drink cups. They are same size as the Subway TFA ones from last year bit better plastic. Regular drink is C$2.99 and the cup is 51 cents more. If you see a commercial they have much larger cups which is obviously wrong.

    Also in the cereal row there are SW characters on Cheerios, CTC, and other flavors. Saw Rey, FO Stormtrooper Sergeant, Wookie, etc. No RO characters.
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    Shouldn't we know by now which restaurant in the US will have some sort of food premium? Gotta be Subway again, but haven't heard anything.

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    yeah a bit lax on this film's promos, maybe it's coming. even Force/Rogue friday was sort of a dud... nothing will generate interest like the saga films, IMO. even when TCW film came out, gave some really low registers on fans' radars.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosski View Post
    Shouldn't we know by now which restaurant in the US will have some sort of food premium? Gotta be Subway again, but haven't heard anything.

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    Looks like theaters will have tin R1 popcorn tins. I hope to get one, especially the Empire one with Vader. Anyone hear anything about how or where to buy the 3d glasses other than taking your chance at the theater?

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    Got one of the tin movie theater popcorn buckets. So dang cool. Got also the paper popcorn bucket w/ the Stormtrooper. I just asked for one without popcorn so it wouldn't get greasy. I'll buy one tonight for popcorn, just wanted one for my collection. And got a RO cup.

    Still not not sure where to buy the SW 3D glasses though, not a very good sales pitch on those.

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    Last year there were plenty of food premiums/offer for the TFA, but this year I haven't seen anything at all. Here it seems the promo for Rogue One has been rather weak. No big diplays in toy stores or supermarket and no huge cardborad stands and signs this year. I was surprised last year to find promo for TFA even in the most remote supermakets. On the other end, it was almost too much last year, the only thing they might have not done was The Force Awakens toilet paper!
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    New food premium collectibles found recently:

    New GoGurt Box(es) with new tube designs inside, i think 9 different
    General Mills cereals: Family Size and Regular Size: 5 different cereal types, free movie ticket Rogue One offers
    Star Wars Breakfast Bars with BB-8 on package

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    More new stuff today:

    3 new trident gum containers with ep7 characters
    4 new kraft mac cheese boxes same 4 characters but new box front designs

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