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Thread: Food Premiums Section

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    I would love to see some figure giveaways in cereal or whatnot like they used to do

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    That would be awesome. Not sure why they don't do that, I guess there's regulations against it, or maybe licensing issues
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    Maybe kids were eating them. lol stupid kids, ruining our toy fun.

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    For those who are interested,Trix cereal has 6 different posters in them.One for each movie.Also,for Avengers fans there's a limited edition box of Corn Flakes Hulk and Thor box.On Frosted Flakes there are 4 different flying discs with different pairs of Avengers on them.Would like to get the ESB poster,but I can't eat Trix cereal.I had too much as a kid. Anybody that maybe gets an extra? Well you know?

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    It's on all General Mills cereal, Also on Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Cookie Crisp, and Lucky Charms

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    General Mills has those posters right now?

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    I've just started a Facebook group for Star Wars food items collectors. I'm hoping we can get members from around the World and trade to get foreign items. I as a US collector love the foreign items as much if not more than the US ones and would love to have a way to get these easily with collectors helping other collectors by picking them up for them. If you would like to join. Just message

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    I've only seen it on Trix and at one store. Glad to know it's on other cereals.Hope we get them locally.

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    I don't know which chain but the toys are going to be either lightsabers,holocrons,planet globes,friendship bracelets, or message bags. Did a survey earlier and those were the options. Lightsabers are kinda cool and have different hilts. No TFA products were shown though. You didn't hear it from me

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    my mother picked me up Star Wars Pop Rocks candy from The Christmas Tree shops. It's a 3 pack with 3 different flavors and pictures of Vader, Yoda and a Stormtrooper on the package.
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