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Thread: Recent Acquisitions

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    As i attempt to fill some holes in my collection I am in search of the Naboo Royal Starship.

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    Picked up a Naboo accessory pack, for the robe.

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    Found a not overly-optimistic-priced seller on ebay and picked up loose figures of Boss Nass, Chancellor Valorum, Pit Droid 2 pack, and Sio Bibble.

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    Coruscant Padme arrived over the weekend, moc.

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    Recently picked up the two-headed announcer from the Episode 1 Jabba set. This announcer is not to be confused with Fode & Beed, the actual character(s) from the film, that were released later. Technically, I think this announcer is a concept figure, because its based on deleted scenes, where live action actors were originally slated for this role.

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