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Thread: Forum Thread Purge

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    Forum Thread Purge

    Shortly we will be purging old threads from the forum. While the information will be saved in an archive, they will no longer be able to be added to. As a way to preserve threads that are still relevant, we ask that members link threads with at least 50 posts that is one year or older they’d like to see saved in this forum (only this forum please).
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    Re: Forum Thread Purge

    I would like to keep the Denver metro area finds threads in this forum, even though they are locked. I sometimes refer to those to check when we were getting certain figures.
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    Re: Forum Thread Purge

    If I understand correctly, maybe these are the ones we should archive. They are locked right now anyway: Denver Pt 4 Denver Pt 3 Denver Pt 2 Denver

    For clarification, will threads that are currently "active" go untouched?
    For example: Denver 5 C/S Buy/Sell

    I'd personally like to see these remain.

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    i agree they should remain..and hello

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