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Thread: 12" Customs Directory

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Hasbro 12" customs
    Gamorrean Guard

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    I'm thinking about re-classifying some 12" astromechs. Does anyone have any samples, tips. etc. Especially, what's the best way to get the chrome plating off?
    I'll post the results here once I'm done.

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Hey guys I am new to the forum but an oldie to collecting. I like several other people recently unearthed my collection and thought to go to ebay because I thought they were worth a lot.

    So here I am keeping them now and just being exposed to the real term of "variants."

    I belong to and I love those guys but I thought I would post on here just to see if I can possibly get some more exposure.

    I am an animation student in San Francisco and I got a 12" bossk for $10. As a kid I always love coming up with characters and one of the guys on POTF2 told me to paint this bossk after I asked if anyone had any to spare just to paint.

    So here is my listing, I already had one really hardcore question I wasn't expecting, but I know I answered it right.

    Tell me what you think and if this sells for enough I will get more to come up with more characters.

    I figured this ain't bad for my first attempt at a custom.

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