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Thread: 12" Customs Directory

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    some fabulous work on show here, I love this new thread

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    How compatible are sideshow bodies with Hasbro heads for customizing?

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Just a reminder: This thread is strictly for linking 12" customs threads from the Customizing Forum. All other posts in this thread are unwelcome.
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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    I've been making custom clones since April and some of the threads go waaaay back. Here's a couple I found;

    Commander Appo
    Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper
    Stealth Trooper
    Various Custom Repaints - X-Wing Miniatures

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    hi, marmit style 12" vader new super posable
    if it moves customize it...if it doesn't move ,customize it till it does...

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory
    This is a project I started awhile ago but never finished due to time constraints and technical problems. The head and neck assembly are two seperate pieces so that the head can swivel from side to side and the neck fits over the ball in the neck base so you can utilize a normal body type (Jar Jar was put to use here).
    Although I like my sculpts of the head/neck and lower legs, and the subsequent casting of those pieces, my attempts at fastening the legs didn't go well and I couldn't manage to cast the hands. I did like my concept though and thought I'd toss it out here so the folks at SSC might like it for an idea towards the 12" Ithorian while being able to use existing bodies.

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Just finished a Marmit Sandtrooper, picture here .

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Here's some progress shots almost finished-

    12" Republic Commando
    Various Custom Repaints - X-Wing Miniatures

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    Re: 12\" Customs Directory

    Quote Originally Posted by Daigo_Bah
    Neither of these threads show pictures, at least to me. Any help, DB?
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