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Thread: Cloud City Collectibles & Brian's Toys

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    Cloud City Collectibles & Brian\'s Toys

    I was searching the web looking for some missing figures in my collection. I checked out Cloud City Collectibles because I have gotten some good deals there in the past.

    I noticed that they have changed things some and are now focusing solely on vintage SW, GI Joe, Transformers, etc. When you try to look at the Modern toys listed you are directed to...... you guessed it Brian's toys. Let the scalping continue............

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    Re: Cloud City Collectibles & Brian\'s Toys

    Yeah, I was kinda surprised by this.. especially since I still have a $50 gift card at Cloud City. I guess I'll stock up on cases or something.

    I can't imagine that Cloud City feels that Brian's Toys is the best place out there and deserves their customers' business.

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    Re: Cloud City Collectibles & Brian\'s Toys

    Brian is a pretty shrewd business man and I imagine that he is giving CC a higher percent than anyone else they feel safe to link too.

    I don't think it is a bad thing for CC. Although shrewd, Brian is a fair person and has beautiful stuff but for a hefty price. Hence a good percentage for CC.
    Laugh it up Fuzzball

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