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Thread: LightSword Feedback

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    LightSword Feedback

    Did a trade with LightSword, and he came through even though hurricanes, floodings and the post office did their best to stop it.

    A1 guy, much recommended.

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    Perfect Trade with Henry AKA Lightsword.

    I hope you enjoy the UGH figure.

    Fast delivery and a well packed item. He kept great communication as well.

    Highly recommended trader.A +++

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    I want to recommend Henry as a good trader. Fast shipping and item as described in our recent trade

    Thank you Lightsword

    Sith Apprentice

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    Just completed an excellent trade with LightSword. He went above and beyond dealing with crap from the post office to get me my figs and I really appreciate it. He's a good guy and I'd definitely trade with him again if he'd be willing to put up with me
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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    Just completed a trade with LightSword - what a great guy - awesome communication, great packaging and quick delivery. You can't ask for much more. How all trades should be!


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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    thanks for the trade. probably the best deal i've ever gotten from anyone. i would definitely trade with him again and recommend him to others.
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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    LIGHTSWORD AKA HENRY BENCOURT when i get a proper confirmation number i will ship your figures and thanks for the post

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    The trade went perfect. Honest, fast and terrific communication. Traded a set of POP fpr 2 UGH he needed. Thanks bro... looking forward to trading again soon!!

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    WelL he must have trade the set i was going to get that he never sent SCAMMER thanks henry YOU ARE THE BEST.

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    Re: LightSword Feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by Ikilledplokoon
    WelL he must have trade the set i was going to get that he never sent SCAMMER thanks henry YOU ARE THE BEST.
    Hey Ken,
    This last comment on your part is going to be a real good laugh once Tweekem posts here again. Do you wish to know why? Nay, I much rather let you wait and you'll see


    For those looking at my trade feedback and wondering what Ken's squealing is all about, here is the story:

    Ken and I had both agreed on shipping on Tuesday April 25th, 2006 and PM each other's Tracking numbers for the corresponding parcels. He was (supposedly) sending me UGH Grievous and UGH Vader. I sent him a complete set of VSTC POPs and order form for the George Stormtrooper.

    Around 10:30 a.m on that Tuesday I PMed Kent and let him know the POP set had been sent to him, gave him the tracking numbers and asked him if he had completed his side of the deal by shipping out the figures . By the way, in a previous PM he had mentioned he was going to be shipping them EARLY Tuesday.

    Well, to make a long story short, Kent replied on Tuesday saying he was "running late" but he was going to ship within a couple of hours. I waited.

    Tuesday passed, then came Wednesday and no reply from Ken, no tracking numbers. So on Thursday I PMed him again and requested a read receipt. I saw how he read my PM but did not reply. When Friday came I sent him another PM which he did not answer so I decided to place a post on his trade feedback after seeing he'd had that same problem with other people and in hopes of getting an answer from him.

    Here are his actions:

    1- I sent him something worth over $60.00 yet he sent nothing.

    2- He lied by saying he was going to ship on the same day and obviously he did not.

    3- He read my PM and did not answer and only after I posted in his thread I received a reply from him (posting in MY feedback) saying that when "your numbers are correct I will ship"

    That seems to me like total BS. He lied. He held the figures back and waited for what I sent him to arrive. If he is one of these insecured traders, paranoid, thinking people are out to get him, he should had:

    1- Never offered me a trade. He was the one that PMed and offered the trade; I did not.

    2- If he felt it was unsafe trading with me he should had contacted all 6 traders I've traded with and he should had asked for their comments on their trades with me.

    3- If he was going to be this insecured about our trade, he should had been straight forward with me by asking me to ship first.

    It is only logical for me to be dissapointed and I think it is only fair to the rest of the traders in these forums to know what went on. Being a lier and giving a person the run around does not help him at all. See it isn't about him being "a little slow" (as Yoda1234 PMed me saying on his defense) It is about Ken aka ikilledplokoon plainly telling me a lie and who knows what his intentions were.

    It is a good thing this package is being retrieved by a relative working for the Postal Service in Michigan and that it will never reach Ken

    ikilledplokoon has gotten hysterical and he has embarked on a retaliation campaign using my trade feedback to squeal and fret, simply because he is outraged he couldn't get away with the POP set and the fact I exposed him.

    He wanted proof I had sent him the POPs. Although I did not have to do so, since I was in fact the affected one in all this, I complied and provided him with the two pictures you will see below. Yet, Ken continued to scream and shout in what could only be called a childish, immature way.

    Do I care? Of course I don't. But since he hijacked my trade feedback post to release his paranoia, I found it necessary to provide other traders with a complete explanation on what took place.

    Last, everyone can see the POSITIVE feedback I received by Tweekem on a trade similar to the one that was to take place with Ken.

    Here are the close ups on the Delivery Confirmation receipt for the POPs I sent Mr. Ken.

    Thank you

    NOTE: For anyone reading this, Ken AKA ikilledplokoon changed his user name on August 2006 to deadjedi999

    Beware trading with deadjedi999 :Ask him to ship first!

    - There's some human instinct which makes a man collect what he is not to make any use of - Mark Twain

    My Feedback , My Collection

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