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Thread: feedback for maynard

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    Just completed my first transaction with Maynard. He was a pleasure to work with. Through our conversation, it's pretty clear that he has a vast knowledge and passion for the hobby. It's always great to work with scummers like him. Hope we can work something out again in the future. Great way to start off 2014. Thanks again.

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    Amazing Transaction, easy to work with and Quick to pay.

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    Just completed a very smooth deal with Maynard. Excellent communication and he paid very quickly. An overall great transaction with no problems at all. Thanks again!

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    Maynard is an excellent seller/trader, always keeping in touch, and providing insight on custom figures as well as makng a quick and easy transaction! Very pleasant friend!

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    Great seller and communication. I know there might have been some who experienced something different but for my trade he was very adjustable and held up his end well. Thanks for the figures and great experience.

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    Thank you drakes for help towards clearing clear up some of that years (YES YEARS) old garbage.
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    Completed a recent trade with Maynard and nothing but smooth. Thanks so much.
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    I just completed a deal with Maynard and everything was smooth sailing! A great Scummer to work with.

    Thanks again, Maynard!

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    Great trade with Maynard! Good communication, fast shipping and a heck of a nice guy!
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    Maynard found one of my hard to find exclusives for me and was prompt with communnni.. comunicash... messages and just as prompt with shipping! Highly recommended trader!

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