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    Have / Sell list

    Also posted in Trading fourm, is this is not allowed I will remove one. I would rather have cash, school is taking a toll on my checkbook like you woudlnt believe.

    All are Mint on Card, unless noted

    -35: Palptine with BLUE saber

    - 23: Blue guard
    - 28: Anikan Sith Eyes x2
    - 41: SA Clone (several)
    - 48: R2-D2 with Sound
    - 49: Commander Bacara (several)
    -52: Zett Jukassa
    -53: Utapauan Warrior
    -54: AT-RT Driver (several)
    - 55: Obi Wan Pilot
    - 56: Mustafar Sentry

    -Anakin Evolutions (with scar)
    -500th Vader

    -Holo Yoda (TRU)
    -Lava Vader x2 (Target)

    Pre-Rots (Potf2, Saga, PotJ, Ep1, Ep2)

    Battlefront Scout Trooper x2
    - Comtech chip R2 with holo Leia
    - Contech Stormtrooper (several, one yellowed)
    - Ephant Mon
    - Saga Bespin Duel Luke
    - Saga Vespin Duel Vader
    -Ep1 Holo Sideous
    - Ep1 Softgoods Qui-gon 'Jedi Master'
    - Naboo Royal Guard
    - Tan Vest RotJ Luke (loose)
    - SotE Xizor
    - SotE Dash
    - Vintage Boba Fett

    Right now (at 2 am) I can not access my POTF2-Saga and Vintage collection. I have MANY multiples of many things (ships, etc) loose and Mint. Ask, I probably have it.

    -TacoBell / KFC / Pizza-Hut fast-food set with boxes (mostly all)

    - Custom Star Wars Plush STuffed Animals (pic Here )
    They are about 2 feet tall, made out of soft fleece. Only pictured are the Ewok and Wampa, but if you can design it, I can do it. I am currently working on General Grevious, Clone Trooper, Commander Neyo, Boba / Jango Fett and several more. Any qyestions, just ask. I only do masked or alien creatures.

    PC/Card Game:
    - Episodd 1 Monoply, sealed x2
    - Jedi Knight 2
    - Dark Forces
    - Phantom Menace PC
    -Tie Fighter
    -Ask, I have more PC games
    -CCG Luke Skywalker (black border)
    -CCG DS-613 (Vaders wingman) (black border)
    -About 2 boxes of Decipher CCG I am willing to let go for cheap

    Non Star Wars:

    - X-Men Movie (1st movie) complete set seriese 1 + seriese 2 Rogue
    - Spiderman Clasics Spider-man (1st release)
    - X-men NightCrawler (1991 Tiy Biz, Magneto Trading Card)
    - Terminator 2 John Connor
    - Johnny Lightning 'Lost in Space' Robot B-9
    - Johnny Lightning 'Lost in Space' Jupiter 2
    - X-Files Scully, Mulder, Alien, Bodybag & table (loose)
    - Special Forces Underwater guy
    - Six Ultimate Soldier weapon sets: (All Mint on card, all pending)
    -The Villain Set
    -Modern Sniper Set
    -AK Weapon Set #1
    -WWII USA Weapon set
    -WWII German Weapon Set
    -WWII Brittish Weapon Set
    -McFarlane Toys Matrix Set

    Non-collectable, Clothing / Cosplay:
    -Jedi (or Sith) cloak, tunic, glove, etc.
    -Padme / Handmaden dress and cloak
    (pictures seen Here)

    -Matrix Trenchcoat (Movie Quality, full liners. Every Character, email for info)Picture 1 Picture 2

    -Trigun Coat

    All clothing items made to size requested, color, etc. Nothing is imposible.

    I am a college student. A Poor college student. Money always works. Keep that in mind.

    Priority Up Top! Loose perfered!

    - Boba Fett Unleashed
    - 06: Shock Trooper (loose if possiable)
    -Rots Tarkin (carded)
    -Cometch Motti (carded)

    - Vader (either, Not Rots) Unleashed
    - Stormtrooper Unleashed
    - Han Unleashed
    - Darth Maul Unleashed
    - Yoda Unleashed
    - Any other unleashed (still looking for most pre-rots)

    - Cups! (Burger King 1977 or 1983 set)
    - Figure with cup (ANY!! Cup only or set)
    - Any other SW styled cups

    - Action Fleet vehicles (loose or boxed)(twords the end of the run, around E-wing and Virigo releases)

    -Revenge of the Jedi poster
    -Other posters

    -Tank Gunners (loose or carded)
    -Any loose clones

    Any Custom Clones (espically commander Fox or Neyo on speederbike)

    Ep1 Accessory sets: (any - carded)
    Hyper-Drive Repair Kit Accessory Set
    Pod Racer Fuel Station Accessory Set
    Rappel Line Attack Accessory Set

    -Lego Boba Fett (Not AotC)
    -Lego Luke Jedi
    -Lego Stormtrooper, other figures

    Thats my list for now. I have MANY loose Potf2 and Vintage figures, most of which I can trade or let go. Dont see it here? I probably have it, or my brother has it. I have much more to trade, and can work something out on anything. I am MOVING to college this week, and I can not take alot of it with me, and what I am leaving behind will be boxed up. Its sad, but true.

    Once Again, any questions PM me!

    AIM- PhearTheSpork
    Yahoo- PhearTheSpork2003
    My Fashion & Graphic Design Portfolio: << includes my Spring 2013 fashion runway show

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    Re: Have / Sell list

    Sorry to be a stickler, but forum rules state that you need to post prices next to the things you are selling. Being a college student myself, I wish you luck in getting money. There are a few things on your list I need, so PM sent.

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    Re: Have / Sell list


    interested in:
    -54: AT-RT Driver
    - 55: Obi Wan Pilot
    Lava Vader

    are you selling for retail?

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    Re: Have / Sell list

    You don't need prices if posting to the trade forum, but if you are posting here...Dr Von Doom is need to provide prices.

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    Re: Have / Sell list


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    Re: Have / Sell list

    PM away Sporkster

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    Re: Have / Sell list

    Has anyone recieved a response yet?

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