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Thread: Feedback for roron_corobb

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Completed first trade and purchase with Roron,just one word to describe it,fantastic!great communication items came quick and packaged extremely well a very enjoyable transaction overall. would deal with again in a heartbeat.thanks

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Had an excellent trade with Harley, A+ trader and very fast! Could not have gone better

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Awesome transaction with Harley. His packaging could probably survive a nuclear blast. Great job and Hope to trade again soon.

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Just got done with last deal and everything was great.Great guy to deal with and great with communication and he has become a good friend.I hope and will have future dealings with him.

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb






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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Hi all,

    Roron fixed me up with a detention cell (First time I've been happy to be involved with the word "DETENTION"...) for my Death Star.

    Thanks man!!!


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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Just got done with a trade for vintage weapons! Great trader and great communcation throughout the process. Thanks again!

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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    Great Trader!!! Very Generous and Honest. Cool too.
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    Re: Feedback for roron_corobb

    my second trade with Harley and all i can say is - AWESOME! - seriously, anyone considering trading do so with the utmost confidence that all will be good. Harely is a cool guy and trades fair!
    thanks again!

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