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    Has there been any movement on this? I'm new too and was advised to come here to sell my unwanted Star Wars figurines. I have no idea on value other than checking ebay and random googling. I'd rather they go to a collector than someone thats just making profit off me.

    Feel free to PM me to discuss what I've got and prices, I've got a Yak Face, Darth Vadar with red extending sabre and two Anakins (plus much more).
    Can you post pics?

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    Just a reminder to sellers here, if you are selling here on RS you most post a price and stick to it. You can not ask for better prices because others are interested, that is the same as an auction.

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    Looking for's Vader's Trap print #14
    Looking for R2 Prototypes MOC's & Cobot too! Also Droids R2 Original Art

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    I apologize if this listing is a violation of the rules. If it is please let me know and I will remove it. I just wanted to make our members aware of the large collection I am going to depart with. My entire Master Replicas line is being listed on Ebay. I need to clear it out. Revenge of the Sith all five LE lightsabers, 28 (Twenty eight) .45 scale lighsabers and my FX lightsaber collection will be listed last. I will then list all of my autographed figures and Celebration exclusives. Thanks for looking everyone. Ebay username is hallnh.

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