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Thread: FS RARE Look!! >>>>>>>>>>>

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    FS RARE Look!! >>>>>>>>>>>

    I have the following forsale. All are mint carded with perfect bubbles; Mace Windu w/ tan droid but red droid pictured on cardback (transition error), autographed Vader, Chewy, Fett, r2, and greedo, both versions of Jabbas palace diorama, Endor soldier w/ no beard, .00 Col 2 Tarkin, Ben long saber full picture .00, rare open hand tusken raider orange card, closed hand tusken green card, Probe Droid red back, Luke bespin freeze frame.00, orange stormtrooper with holo, and jango fett that was packed with the yoda in 2 pack ( the upc code says jango and yoda). also have both hallmark lunchboxes never opened. my email is Please ask for pricing which is very reasonable. Thanks!
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    Re: FS RARE Look!! >>>>>>>>>>>

    The return key is your friend.

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