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Thread: Adam L's Trade Feedback, Check it !

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    Another great transaction with Adam, will always be a pleasure to deal with!

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    just dealt with adam,and was really straight forward transaction.Friendly prompt pm's,item as described,quick shipping.Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again or recommend to others.
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    Had a smooth transaction with Adam - thanks again!

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    I had a great transaction with Adam. Packaging was excellent, good communication everything by the book. Buy with confidence.

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    Had an awesome transaction with Adam about a month ago! Solid communication and shipping was top notch! Buy with confidence!!! Thanks again.
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    Great transaction with Adam.
    Everytime again !

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    I bought a piece from Adam a couple weeks ago. It was well packed and every flaw, even those that I can't detect myself, were disclosed in the description. If he sells something that fits my foci again in the future, I'll be a buyer.
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    Recently did a trade with Adam; went smooth. Item I received was very well packaged. No complaints, good guy.
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    Unfortunately, my experience with Adam was anything but positive. I sent him an email on 09/05/17 and got a response at 11:45 p.m. (I am on EST and he is on PST). I was already asleep and when I checked my e-mail around noon (during my lunch at work) the e-mail stated that I had to send the money for the plastirama storm shadow that morning (09/06/17) and gave his paypal address. I e-mailed back and mentioned that I had just seen the e-mail and was at work. I erroneously mentioned that I thought I had 7 days to send payment (I checked this on his sale post and was incorrect) but that I could send payment later tonight (09/06/17). His response was that I needed to send payment in two hours and that the figure bubble was opened along the left side margin. I clarified this (since the sale post stated the left side of the bubble was lifting NOT that it was completely open) and he confirmed it was completely opened. On his sale post it states the following: "We have a deal when you receive my paypal address. Once you get my paypal I consider it sold and will mark it pending. Payment is expected within 1 day unless you let me know otherwise." I mentioned that 1 day would be until 11:45 p.m. tonight (or 8:45 PST) and that I was at work and could not send the money until 10 p.m. tonight (which was before his own 1 day payment policy). and that I was letting him know per his statement on the sale post. He replied saying he needs payment within 50 minutes, otherwise he has another buyer lined up. Then I get another e-mail before his own 50 minute deadline stating he sold it to the other collector.

    I am not sure why Adam makes rules for his sales and then completely ignores them. 1. I had 1 day for payment and he ignored this. 2. The item was considered sold to me (per his statement in his post) yet this was also ignored. 3. He did not even follow his own timeline that he made up in the e-mails. As a seller he posted his own rules yet did not follow any of them even though as a buyer i was following the posted rules. He did not seem to realize that I was at work even though I stated this twice and could not log in to send payment while at work (yet could do it later in the day and still be following his 1 day policy). I am very frustrated and disappointed and felt that this seller did not present himself in a professional manner whatsoever and seemed to be in a rush and in need for money. I hope other forum members take heed when buying from Adam. It is sad that when a forum member has as much positive feedback as this member does he would act the way he did and leave much to be desired.

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    I sold the Storm Shadow to someone on 9/5 (late night) , but his PP payment was some kind of odd E-check that didn't show thru until 9/7. I had to call PP on 9/7 to confirm that the payment was actually sent to me, as PP acknowledged this …. $80 payment. I still had the SS up for sale here on 9/6 due to not knowing that I actually did receive payment from the first person who had contacted me (and sent payment first) , about 1 day previous to this fella. Not so sure why I'm having / wanting to explain myself here, other then to say PP E-check payments aren't the way to go…. as a seller anyways.
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