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Thread: Action Fleet, Titanium & Micro Machines Checklist!

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    Re: Titanium Checklist 7.23.08 SDCC UPDATE!!!

    There's a couple of small typo's in the list. 2006 Wave 9: Amidala's Sail Skiff should read Star Skiff & 2008 Wave 5: Snowspeeder should be Sandspeeder. I also couldn't find the Hounds Tooth listed.Thanks.

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    Re: Titanium Checklist 7.23.08 SDCC UPDATE!!!

    Just checked the rebelscum Battle Pack list, odd that there are no images. The note they put at the bottom about the initial 8 Battle Packs is inaccurate. The only one that may be harder to find without the extra figure is BP#5. Sets 6, 7, and 8 with the extra figure are fairly hard to find and without the extras for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are very easy to find. Also, it states some of the figures were released elsewhere in the line. Can anyone think of another set that included even one of the cut 8 figures? Aside from the Spirit of Yoda in BP#15 which is obviously a repaint of the cut Yoda from BP#1? The Royal Guard in the Death Star playset is not the same as the Royal Guard from BP#2. Ponda Baba, IG-88, Weequay, Barada were never rereleased. The wookie from BP#5 may have been repainted to be the Chewbacca in BP#15. I guess the Power Droid from BP#7 is the same as the one in BP#16, so one figure seems to have been rereleased.

    If you want a Battle Pack visual list you can check mine:


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    Re: Titanium Checklist 7.23.08 SDCC UPDATE!!!

    Wow! Thanks for that cool visual list of Battle Packs, Shinakuma43.
    I'm glad I picked up the early ones right away when the "extra" figures were packed in!
    I'm immune to the light!

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    Re: Titanium Checklist 7.23.08 SDCC UPDATE!!!

    I did too, and these battle packs also contained the action
    fleet collectors guide booklet.

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    Re: Titanium Checklist 7.23.08 SDCC UPDATE!!!

    Hi guys,

    I just want to present you my french website ( about Micro Machines and Action Fleet. Give me your opinion .

    Bye on

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    Hello everyone !

    My name is Matt, I'm a french Star Wars fan. I'm currently a PhD student in Chemistry in Paris.

    I've been lurking around this forum for a while before I decided to register. I am an active member of the french forum Mintinbox.

    Just to introduce myself a bit, I have been collecting Star Wars toys since I was 8 or 9 years old (at the time obviously to play with them) and I have been concentrating on Hasbro 3 3/4 figures, MicroMachines, Action Fleet, some Legos (the first waves OT and E1) and the books and comic books available here. I also bought a couple of GGS busts, but I'm really more into plastic toys, I'm a kid trapped into an adult body !

    I stopped collecting around 2007 since I grew both a bit bored and overwhelmed by the quantity of products Hasbro put on the market, so I stopped in the middle of the 30th anniversary collection. I regret it now, because I am just impressed by the quality of the products around today.

    I recently restarted hunting down collectibles, and went for the MicroMachines and Action Fleet lines. I realized through different databases that a lot of products were never available in France, and I even didn't heard about them before ! So I'm trying to find them, and ebay has been of great help. However the items I'm after are the rarest, which is not helping me much ! I may go after the Hasbro figures after that, if money follows !

    Another thing I've realized is that none of the MM databases available are actually complete. By cross-checking the different sites (Rebelscum, jadbean micromachines.wordpress,, and surprinsingly also ebay) I think I have been able to put together the complete line of Micromachines items. I'm am right now completing my checklist with pictures (both from my collection and from RS archive) and will put it here in a couple of days. Maybe you guys could then tell me if I forgot something.

    I hope I can join you happily in the love of tiny Star Wars figures and vehicles !

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    Hey guys,

    I would like to share with you these checklists I wrote for all the Star Wars Micromachines from Galoob.

    There are 6 pdf files in the .rar folder :

    - Global checklist
    - OT Figures
    - OT & EU Vehicles
    - EU Figures
    - E1 Figures
    - E1 Vehicles

    Since I don't have a professional quality camera, some of the pics are a bit blurry, I apologize for that.

    I did use some pictures from Rebelscum and While I did get a positive answer from Rebelscum staff about using their pics, Jad Bean didn't respond, so if you're out there, thanks for your amazing website !

    Of course, some pictures are missing because I don't have all the sets yet. I'll keep the files updated as I complete my own collection.

    Please tell me if you see something wrong, or if something is missing. I hope this will be useful to some of you.

    And here is the link to download : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


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    I updated the list, and added some pictures. I still have some photographic work to do, but as far as I know, all the existing sets are included in my checklist.

    As megaupload was shut down, I don't have the files online anymore, but if anyone's interested, just drop me a line.

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