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Thread: What finds have you missed out on?

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    On the other end of the spectrum story. I was at a thrift store not too long ago and picked up a beater x-wing. As I cradled it and kept looking on the shelves for more tucked away an older lady came around the corner on her cell phone, apparently on the phone with on of her kids, and said, "I was calling because they have an x-wing here...oh...actually someone else just got it." I tried to act like I didn't hear her, but there was no way I was giving it up. Beater is a beater, but for $3 that thing was going home with me. Every time I'm in a thrift store though, I'm eyeballing what other's have picked up and put in their carts. hahaha. Oh the joys of thrifting

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    There was a card/collectible shop near me that sold quite a bit of vintage including a sandcrawler, Imperial shuttle (w/ box) and a bunch of other ships, a few moc figures including Ben Kenobi and a ton of loose figures in varying condition. The owner ended up selling the shop to this new guy who didn't know anything about Star Wars. The next time I was in there the new owner told me that he wasn't going to sell any of the Star Wars items until he learned more about them but said I could make him an offer for everything. I declined. A few weeks later I returned to the shop and all of the Star Wars toys were gone. He told me someone came in and gave him $200 for everything. Yeah, I still kick myself for that one.

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    About 2 or 3 years ago, someone donated some vintage star wars. They had a falcon and a skiff along with some other pieces . They wanted 80 bucks for the skiff and it was missing pieces. I walked around the store thinking about it. I went back up to the counter and it was gone.
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    A friend of mine found a Blue Snaggletooth inside a grab bag of old action figures for $1.50 at the Salvation Army store that is a five minute walk from my workplace. This was back in February or March of this year. He's a collector too, so he was fully aware of what he had found.
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